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HOdo Group held a mobilization meeting in 2021

Published in: 2021-02-20

On February 18, HOdo Group held a mobilization meeting for the 2021 Evolution and Efficiency Year. Yaoting Zhou, Chairman of the Board of Shareholders of the Group, and Zhou Haijiang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group attended the meeting. Haiyan Zhou, President of the Group, presided over the meeting. More than 1600 cadres and employees of the Group attended the meeting. In order to ensure the safety and health of employees during the pandemic,  20 sub-conferences, including the SSEZ Company of Cambodia, the Cambodia Garment Company, the Thailand Factory of General Stock, the Singapore Company, the companies of the Group and the offices of the Group, attended the meeting via video call.



At the meeting, Yaoting Zhou, Haijiang Zhoy and other group leaders commended 67 annual pacesetters, including factory manager pacesetters, financial pacesetters, management pacesetters, marketing pacesetters, store manager pacesetters and production pacesetters. As the HOdo lines of the benchmarking and model, they fully displayed HOdo people's positive and enterprising spirit. Zhou Haijiang, on behalf of HOdo Group, paid tribute to the pacesetters and called on all staff to learn from advanced models and strive for excellent performance.


Zhou Haijiang puts forward new requirements and plans for the development of HOdo Group in 2021 around the Group's "Eevolution and Efficiency Year." In 2021, HOdo Group aimed to "create the world first-class enterprise" goal, focusing on the evolution, to increase efficiency as the center, continue to implement "own capital, independent innovation, own brand" of the "three self-development" concept, implement the "six idea - "intelligent, greening, online, high-end, internationalization and standardization," to increase efficiency as the center, Focus on evolution and achieve high-quality development.

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