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Two "smart" projects are laid! HOdo Group's "evolutionary synergy" is accelerating

Published in: 2021-03-12

On March 12, with the successful foundation of HOdo Intelligent Distribution Center and Yew Pharmaceutical anti-tumor agent intelligent factory, HOdo Group in 2021 "evolutionary efficiency" press the "fast forward button."


"Today, these two projects laid the foundation, fully opened HOdo evolution and upgrade in 2021 curtain. The foundation laying is the foundation of two projects and the foundation for the realization of hundreds of billions of HOdo, intelligent HOdo, happiness HOdo, and hundred years of HOdo. The launch is the start of two projects and the start of a new journey of red beans aimed at building a world-class enterprise. Therefore, all of us HOdo people should strive for success, keep innovating and forge ahead bravely." At the foundation laying ceremony, Zhou Haijiang stressed in his speech.


It is reported that the HOdo intelligent distribution center project will speed up the distribution of goods, improve the accuracy of inventory, delivery accuracy, reduce the cost of employment, logistics costs, to achieve building intensive, green, equipment automation, intelligence, flexible management, wisdom. The construction area of the project is 200,000 square meters, with a planned and designed storage capacity of 34 million pieces and a peak business processing capacity of 1.05 million pieces/day. In the future, it will be enough to support the growth of HOdo shares by more than three times, and it is the most critical project in the construction of Smart HOdo. It is expected to be put into official use in July 2022.

As big pharmaceutical companies in the field of health, HOdo group Wuxi Yew pharmaceutical industry is committed to high-end anti-tumour drugs research and development, production and sales, intelligent plant construction of antineoplastic agents into accord with China, the United States FDA, the European Union, EU and other international and domestic first-class standard anticancer injection and intelligent solid preparation plant, after the project put into production, To become the global leader in taxane anti-tumour drugs.

In addition to the two projects that laid the foundation, HOdo Group this year will also promote the General Stock Phase II -? 6 million sets of semi-steel, SSEZ thermal power plant and other key projects.

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