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Comfort upgrade, health company! HOdo with four new spring and summer brands shining in CHIC 2021 Fashion Fair

Published in: 2021-03-17

Between March 17 to 19, CHIC 2021 (Spring) was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). HOdo Group with HOdo men's wear, HOdo home, HOdo children's clothing, and HOdo sports, four clothing brands again dazzling in front of the audience. In 2021, HOdo Group's textile and garment sector adhere to quality while paying more attention to comfort and health so that users will have multiple intelligent choices in the pursuit of "physical and mental comfort, safety and health," which is the most popular fashion item.



In this fashion fair, as always, HOdo Group focuses on products.



HOdo men's clothing focuses on introducing bamboo fibre shirts and HOdo Xi suits to convey the deep affection of Red Bean. Bamboo fibre has natural antibacterial, deodorant and other functions and enjoys the reputation of "breathing ecological fibre" and "fibre queen," known as "the most promising healthy fabric in the 21st century". HOdo men's bamboo fibre shirt is made of bamboo fibre + DuPont SORONA environment-friendly polymer fibre blended fabric, which combines the moisture absorption of bamboo fibre and the elasticity and wrinkle resistance of SORONA elastic silk, giving consideration to comfort and stiffness, and integrating beauty and practicality. Wear it as if you can feel the fresh and comfortable walking through the bamboo forest, let the body and mind breathe freely. Revealed, "At thirty, a man should be able to think for himself and wear red bean men's clothing" extraordinary life savour and quality.



HOdo Home launched baby cotton soft silk bra, which focuses both on quality and appearance. After four years of grinding, updating and iteration, thousands of people try on and reshape the experience, HOdo baby cotton silk bra upholds the concept of "focus, perfection and reputation," takes the beauty and comfort of users as the focus of attention, and uses 3D mould cups and soft silk lining material to create a comfortable and stylish bra product with both inside and outside. Silk belongs to protein fibre and contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. The amino acids in human skin are almost the same, helping the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane, care the chest with softness, let the "external type, internal softness" become the choice of global women's comfort.



HOdo Children's Wear brings baby cotton products, which is well aware of young parents' "health" demands. In 2021, HOdo Children's Wear launched organic cotton series products -- baby cotton home wear and T-shirt, which upgrade health and double care. After three years of careful cultivation with no pesticides, natural organic cotton is different from conventional cotton and synthetic fibre to obtain the GOTS international organic certification. Products made of organic cotton are more suitable for babies with sensitive skin. The texture is soft, fits the skin, and has a strong ability to absorb water and sweat. From raw materials to the whole process of control are living up to the safety and trust of consumers. Organic cotton products fully reflect the product concept of "health, science, technology, and safety" of HOdo Children's Clothing, coinciding with the "healthy" parenting concept of young parents.



As a sportswear brand determined by HOdo Group after a marathon in 2018, HOdo Sports made its first appearance on the scene of the Fashion Fair, bringing a colourful visual "feast." In 2021, HOdo sports use fashion, simplicity, personality as the design idea, integrate the present popular design element, solve the sportswear pain points, and create many beautiful new products. The key to launching "3D booty pants", according to the human body engineering, science, and the pressure distribution of size, optimizing the proportion, strong muscles, tight booty, feeling young vigour, natural, and comfortable, Let every urban woman in the busy work through sports to achieve physical and mental balance, gain confidence and beauty.


In HOdo exhibition area of this fashion fair, the four major brands also bring wonderful live exhibitions at various time periods, such as new product promotion, silk fabric interactive experience, hour lottery, live seckilling, red envelope rain, and other activities. For the spectators and the audience in front of the screen were all a rare experience.


At present, HOdo's chain brands such as men's wear, HOdo Home, HOdo Children's wear and HOdo Sports have opened more than 3,500 brand chain stores in China, vigorously promoting the construction of smart stores. In the post-epidemic era, HOdo brands have accelerated their evolution, actively promoted the online and offline integration construction, and continuously explored and reformed in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics and intelligent retail. 


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