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HOdo Home Textile Successfully Held the "Scientific Sleep and Healthy Life" Theme Conference

Published in: 2021-03-23

On March 21, the 21st World Sleep Day, HOdo Home Textile held a press conference with the theme of "scientific sleep and healthy life." The conference included four sections: Talking about health information, appreciating health products, welcoming health awareness, and seeking for healthy sleeping position.

The healthy sleep consultant specially invited by HOdo Home Textile revealed that being unable to put down the smartphone and being inseparable from the Internet are becoming the most significant sleep disturbances in modern people through data analysis. The healthy sleep consultant advocates 6-9 hours of sleep and about 10 minutes of nap time and shares seven sleeping tips to improve sleep quality.


The spring and summer 2021 Xiao Xian Dun Health Skin Care series was launched at the conference site. Around the innovative technology to achieve the expected function, authentic material to achieve two aspects of perceived comfort, selected soybean fibre to make the beddings softer, and anti-mite & antibacterial let the consumers experience "mites-free" sleep.



With the increasing use of the Internet, more and more enterprises launched the enterprise IP image. HOdo Home Textile also launched the IP image at this conference - The Sleeping King Dou Dou. That night, many viewers watched the live broadcast to witness the birth of "The Sleeping King Dou Dou." All the series styles will change with time, but only the culture is eternal; hence HOdo Home Textile has established a unique brand culture -- Hello, health, is committed to creating a healthy and comfortable home environment. The heart shape is the primary design element of Sleeping King Dou Dou, and Sleeping King Dou Dou will inherit the brand culture as an image that "will not change." At the same time as witnessing the birth of Sleeping King Dou Dou, HOdo Home Textile also launched the Sleeping King Dou Dou's emoji package, which is now on the WeChat emoji store. You can add the emoji package by searching "Sleeping King Dou Dou."



In China's most challenging times, there is always a group of people who bravely stand up; they are soldiers, police, doctors and thousands of thousands of workers who struggled to construct China's front line. They sleep inelegantly, but it is the most beautiful landscape in social life. While we sleep, the outside world is busy with them. When we eat snacks and watch drama shows, they use indecent posture to sleep out of the most beautiful scenery. What time is quite good, nothing more than someone behind the guard—taking the most beautiful sleeping position around you, together to salute to the lovely people! Pay tribute to the strivers who sleep in the most beautiful position, the world is lovely because of them, and life is wonderful because of struggles. HOdo Home Textile launched the "Sleeping King's Cup of the most beautiful sleeping postures" activity. Under the gaze of the public, the leaders of the company announced at the conference site that the "Sleeping King's Cup of the most beautiful sleeping positions" activity was officially launched. The "most beautiful sleeping positions" of the striver are centennial birthday gifts to the Communist Party of China.

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