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Haijiang Zhou Took the Lead to Build an Immune Barrier with HOdo Group

Published in: 2021-03-30

At 2 PM on March 30, Zhou Haijiang, the National Advanced individual in the fight against COVID-19 and chairman of the board of HOdo Group, mobilized for COVID-19 vaccination at the temporary vaccination site of University of HOdo and was the first to complete the vaccination; marking the official start of the Group's concentrated vaccination work. Jiandong Xu, the Xishan District Health Commission director, mobilized and explained the precautions for COVID-19 vaccination.

It is reported that at the morning meeting of the Group on March 29, Haijiang Zhou called on all the staff to promote "vaccination for all staff," and those who are eligible to get vaccinated should make all put effort into achieving a 100% vaccination rate. HOdo Group will carry out a phased vaccination of novel coronavirus vaccine for various groups of people, with long-term overseas and frequent business trip employees receiving the vaccine first and gradually covering all employees. According to the production situation of the Group, Xishan District Health Committee specially set up a mobile vaccination team to provide door-to-door services and set up a temporary vaccination site in HOdo University, which make the workers can work and produce in a healthy environment.

Haijiang Zhou said China achieved two victories in the first half of the fight against COVID-19. In the fight against COVID-19, China is the country that has taken the fastest action against the pandemic; also the fastest one to develop the vaccine, which is hard for any country worldwide to match. Now, the COVID-19 vaccine is free for all citizens, which fully demonstrates our party's concept of putting people first and life first. At the same time, we feel very proud to be Chinese.

As we enter the second half of the epidemic prevention and control campaign, China must "open its door" to develop its economy to maintain its advantage against the backdrop of global economic recovery. Only by expanding vaccination and achieving herd immunity can China better prepare for the next round of opening up. In this new phase of the global fight against COVID-19, win our new victories.


During the fight against the epidemic, HOdo Group donated money for epidemic prevention and control immediately and transferred itself to produce personal protective equipment, making an essential contribution to winning the battle against the epidemic. At present, more than 100 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccinations have been reported nationwide. There is no time to slow down China's vaccination speed.

Haijiang Zhou said, "The new round of fighting against COVID-19 depends on every one of us. I hope everyone will actively respond to the call of the country. As long as the person is eligible for vaccination, they should get vaccinated. This is a protection for ourselves and our families and is responsible for the company and country. People from HOdo should always be one step ahead.

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