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HOdo Kids' Clothing Lead the School Culture and New Fashion

Published in: 2021-04-12

Serving the Future, Educational Inheritance, Accompany the healthy growth of Chinese Babies

The 2021 Shanghai International School Uniform Exhibition (ISUE) was held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 9 to 11. HOdo Kids Wear brand of HOdo Group actively participated in the exhibition and displayed in 3H Hall 3A-08 to fully display the core products of new spring/summer 2021 school clothes, children's shoes, backpacks and other products. On the first day of the exhibition, the site was crowded with people, which attracted the attention of a lot of professional audiences.


Young Strong, the Country is Strong! HOdo Kids' Wear Actively Promote the Pace of the New Era of School Uniforms in China

According to the data study, there is a huge demand for school uniforms among primary and middle school students in China. The number and proportion of children aged 0-15 are increasing, and it is expected to continue to grow in 2021, with a large child population base. At present, the number of school students in China is about 276 million. Each student adds about 550 yuan to school uniforms every year so that the school uniform market will reach 150 billion yuan. With the continuous attention of the national government to the campus culture, the reformation of school uniforms has become an inevitable trend of the development of The Times. The research on the campus clothing culture in line with China and the design of school uniforms in line with the needs of students according to the characteristics of China's national conditions and school culture will undoubtedly become an important driving force for The Chinese school uniforms to enter the new era.

       Young strong, the country is strong, HOdo Kids' Wear continues to integrate the spirit of the development of The Times, it puts unique school elements into the school uniform, to show the spirit of contemporary students. The brand was founded in 1994, the advocate of healthy children's wear, adhere to good quality from good fabric. Over the years, it focuses on creating natural healthy fabrics, with the product concept of "health, technology and, safety," to help Chinese babies grow up healthily. The customized campus clothes of HOdo Children's Wear always adhere to the concept of healthy products, strictly optimize the fabric, elaborate design, control the process and focus on details. Campus clothing products have a variety of styles, among which classic college style and sports campus-style are the two core categories, providing healthy and safe campus clothing for students at all stages of kindergarten, primary school and middle school, and injecting their youthful vitality into the contemporary students.

红豆童装健康引领校园文化新风尚 1

Carrying the Road by Clothing, Cultivating Moral Education by Clothing, Creating a Distinctive, Healthy campus clothing

With the "school uniform New Policy" into the second five years, school uniform is no longer a simple commodity but a particular product. It represents the image of the school, a "flowing" business card, an identity. It plays the role of aesthetic education, embodies equality, care, and subtly improves students' quality; It is also the "first teacher" for children when they step into the school campus, to guide students to achieve beauty from the heart and form outside, reminding students to observe discipline, standardizing words and deeds, producing a binding force on their own. Carrying the Road by Clothing, Cultivating Moral Education by Clothing, students' uniform safety and comfort are the premises; good-looking and personality are trends.

In the future, primary and secondary school students need to have personalized, distinctive, healthy and safe school clothes to accompany their children through a beautiful childhood. HOdo Kids walked into the school uniform brand space - Uniform brand broadcast room. The chairman of the board of directors of the company in the media interview said HOdo Kids wear exhibition focuses on the theme " future education inheritance by the suit," pay attention to kindergarten, primary and secondary school students' school uniforms, improving the primary and middle school students' mental outlooks. HOdo Kids' new school clothes break the inherent impression of traditional school uniforms, join in the contemporary children's aesthetic trend, meet the needs of personalized development of students, with the originality of clothes, light and warm each student's youth.

Focusing on Products and Witnessing the Power of the Brand, HOdo Kids Wear Won the 2021 China Campus Apparel Annual Influence Brand Award


The opening ceremony, award ceremony, and large-scale new product launch activities of the Shanghai Garden clothing exhibition are colourful, which attracted many people to the exhibition hall.

In just three days, the exhibition hall was full of people and merchants gathered. HOdo Kids gained a good reputation by pulling closer distance with users with high-quality and healthy product concepts. Starting from the quality and focusing on "science and technology, health and safety," HOdo Kids' Clothing won the ISUE 2021 China School Apparel Annual Influence Brand Award, providing excellent school apparel for primary and middle school students.

By focusing on the core products with thousands of professional visitors to witness the brand strength, the school representatives favour the main series of sports and England series. The Eye-catching progressive sense of rhythm can highlight students' positive mental outlooks. In the future, HOdo Kids' wear will continue to uphold the product concept of "science and technology, health, safety." The concept of combining science and technology fabrics with fashion trends, constantly upgrade and optimize campus products, do an excellent job of educational inheritance and promotion,  leading the developmental process of school uniforms, show the style of The Times of Chinese students.

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