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The group Further Promoted the 17th

Published in: 2021-04-15

Innovation to Tap Potential to Improve Efficiency

During the Qingming Festival, HOdo Home took advantage of holiday marketing to improve its performance. Through focusing on new products such as silk underwear and dry cotton underwear, online live broadcast and offline store activities, the total sales during the Underwear Festival increased by 104% compared with the same period last year. HOdo Property Park · Qiyuan project grabbed and pushed the last two houses sold out in 2 hours, realizing the complete liquidation of Qiyuan superimposed products. All these are the results of HOdo Group's activities since March this year.


March is the 17th "Tapping potential month" activity of HOdo Group, which has been held for 17 consecutive years so that the concept of "Tapping Potential and increasing efficiency, everyone's responsibility" has penetrated the hearts of all HOdo employees. During the tapping potential month, HOdo Group subsidiaries and factories focus on the "one hand to grasp the implementation of the mobilization meeting, another hand to grasp the rationalization suggestions." Tapping Potential Month's theme actively promotes the tapping potential month activities, refine the tapping potential, effectively improve the management level, and accelerate the high-quality development of enterprises.

The "Tapping Potential Month" activities pay attention to rationalization of the implementation and promotion of suggestions; this is the grasp of the potential of mass innovation activities. This year's rationalization proposal is still in the vast collection and has received 17,483 rationalization proposals. The Group will recently hold a commendation conference to reward excellent rationalization proponents and improve employees' enthusiasm for innovation. Rationalization proposal activities focus on digging potential, pay more attention to the implementation of rationalization proposal activities in the later period, and ensure that each rationalization proposal is actually effective.

On March 24, HOdo Home held a new silk underwear release conference in Shenzhen International Knitting Expo and launched new product innovation based on users' pain points in wearing underwear. The number of online live broadcasts exceeded 2.9 million during the press conference, and online live broadcasts on multiple platforms were in full swing. At the same time, HOdo Home's e-commerce company promotes the sales of HOdo series products around marketing innovation. As the self-owned IP created by HOdo, the target customers are clear and conform to the consumption mentality of the target crowd. With the theme of "HOdo is the real red," the product category, vision and content are planned and continuously optimized around the three core points of Yun Dao, Marry Dao and debut. So far, the sales of HOdo's "Red" series products have increased by more than 22% compared with the same period last year.

During the "Sleepout the Goddess's Face" March 8 activity, HOdo Home Textile Chain Company achieved the comparable store growth of 13.9%, and the store's online sales accounted for 19.8% through the innovation of marketing mode and the information enabling online and offline promotion.

Only those who strive for perfection can bravely set the tide of The Times and realize the journey of treading the waves. Group companies through exemplary management, deep digging user needs, promoting sales and increasing efficiency. Ge company strengthens the cost control in the product design process. Up to now, through standardized design, the material cost has been saved by more than 6 million yuan. The company is also aggressively pursuing new customers, with sales up 79% in March from a year earlier. The home company illustrates a large road that demonstrates consumer groups' further expansion by developing new categories. Home textile companies will split the whole original set of sales for customers to buy separately according to customer demand, improve gross product margin and promote online and offline sales.

Haijiang Zhou, chairman of the board of directors of the Group, once said, "Tapping potential moon activities not only dig out benefits, in the long run but also dig out the competitiveness of the enterprise." HOdo Group insists on holding potential tapping activities, taking innovation and potential tapping as a responsibility, and making cost reduction and efficiency increase a habit to maintain long-term and stable development.

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