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Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone: Example Park of One Belt One Road (the first site)

Special correspondents of People Daily in Cabmodia: Yu Yichun, Ding Zi


Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone is jointly developed by China Jiangsu Taihu Cambodia International Economic Cooperative Zone Investment Co., Ltd. and Cambodia International Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. It is one of China’s first eight foreign economic and trade zones and the largest and most important one of nine economic special zones approved by Cambodia. Both Chinese government and Cambodian government pay great attention to Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone.


While summarizing the experience of Sihanouk Port Special Economic Zone, Song Xiaoguo, Economic and Commercial Counselor of China’s Embassy in Cambodia specially mentioned that it is Cambodia’s first special economic zone that learns one-station service and other China’s management experience. Its meaning absolutely doesn’t only lie in that it can contain how many enterprises and how many factory buildings; it lies in introducing China’s experience of applying foreign investment to foreign countries and in helping Cambodian government improve service level and quality.


Vice General Manager of Sihanouk Port said that the increase of port capacity indicates that Cambodian economy is continuously developing. Here, I would like to express gratitude to Chinese government and enterprises. Such large capacity of Sihanouk Port cannot go without infrastructure construction and production of Chinese enterprises in Cambodia. Chinese enterprises let Cambodian people have job and facilitate our economy to become more flourishing. 

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