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Haijiang Zhou Attended the Suzhou-Shaanxi Entrepreneur Innovation and Development Conference

Published in: 2021-04-26

In the opening game of "14th Five Year Plan", the new journey to open important moment, to better implement the central decision-making and deployment, condensed in Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces and even the eastern and western forces, to deepen regional exchanges and cooperation, promote the development of high quality injected new momentum. On April 25,  Jiangsu and Shanxi Province chamber of commerce and industry innovation and development conference was held in Xi'an. Haijiang Zhou, the vice president of China Private Chamber of Commerce and chairman of the board of Directors of HOdo Group, was invited to attend the conference. As a representative of Jiangsu entrepreneurs, he made a speech entitled "Promoting the three self and six Modernization to achieve high-quality development."


At the meeting, Haijiang Zhou analyzed that the stronger China's economic development, the more severe the challenge. Private enterprises can only be fearless of any challenge by constantly improving their strength. He shared his views on how to run a good business and achieve high-quality development in light of the current economic situation.

"The volcano of transformation, the iceberg of the market and the mountain of financing," conquering the "three mountains," not only needs the Party committees and governments at all levels to create a suitable environment for development but also needs the majority of enterprises to take the initiative to respond and actively act. Haijiang Zhou believes that "three self-enterprises" should be built at the enterprise level, that is, "independent innovation, independent brand, independent capital" should be adopted to solve the "three mountains" problem, to accelerate the evolution and upgrading of enterprises.

From "independent innovation" to overcome the "transformation of the volcano." How do enterprises make independent innovation? Haijiang Zhou shared the practice of HOdo, which is to firmly grasp the "Five first streams" to promote scientific and technological innovation, including first-class talents, first-class platform, first-class input, first-class mechanism and first-class products. Relying on the "three stations and three centers" (postdoctoral workstation, academicians workstation and graduate workstation) that have been established. And enterprise technology center, industrial design center, engineering technology research center) to strengthen the innovation cooperation between the industry, universities and research institutes and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to realize differentiated competition.


Melting the iceberg of the market with its own brand, Haijiang Zhou said that private enterprises must strengthen their own brand construction, and the practice of HOdo is to do an excellent job in the three major supports, including high technology support, high culture support and high social responsibility support. For example, in support of high culture, the first is to take root in traditional culture, the formation of the core of the HOdo culture; secondly is to continue to create the HOdo Qixi Festival for 20 years, enrich the HOdo culture; Thirdly, the party culture leads the enterprise culture. This is because the party's core values are the source of forming excellent enterprise culture.

Conquering the "high mountain of financing" with "independent capital." The core problem of expensive and challenging financing lies in the lack of independent capital. Haijiang Zhou suggested that we should learn from the DIRECT financing model of the United States, from the integrator to the integrator; Seize the opportunity of the state to encourage direct financing in the capital market, and actively create conditions for direct financing by listing. Those who have been listed should increase market value as soon as possible, strengthen financing ability and reduce financing costs.


In the face of domestic economic development of high-quality requirements, transformation and upgrading of its own development needs, Haijiang Zhou calls for private enterprises to build independent innovation, independent brand, independent capital "three-autonomy" enterprise. In this way to promote the intelligent, greening, online, high-end, internationalization, and standardization of construction of "six." Under the new development pattern, accelerating the evolution of enterprises to upgrade, achieving high-quality development and contributing to the realization of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the 2035 vision.

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