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Haijiang Zhou Attended 2021 China Brand Day to Share the

Published in: 2021-05-10

In order to build social consensus on brand development, create a good atmosphere for brand development, build a communication platform for brand development, and improve the influence and cognition of independent brands, on May 10, 2021, China Brand Day was officially launched in Shanghai, and China Brand Expo was held in Shanghai Exhibition Center at the same time.

       Chinese enterprises brand construction was held in the same period in the afternoon. The Chairman of Sinopec, the Party Secretary Yuzhuo Zhang, the General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Chinese Architecture Xuexuan Zheng; the Nuclear Group Director, Deputy Secretary, Qingtang Li; the National Grid, Deputy Jun Han; the Vice-President and a member of the Standing Committee of CPC CRRC, Gongcheng Wang; Bright Food (Group), The Secretary of the Party committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MingFang Shi; Haijiang Zhou, the Vice President of China Private Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the board of Directors of Hodo Group, was invited to attend the forum and deliver a keynote speech. As the only representative of private enterprises, Haijiang Zhou shared the "Three Supports" of high-quality brands with the guests.


The planned economy is the market of power division, and the market economy is the market of brand division. A high-quality brand is the reliable guarantee of market division.  Haijiang Zhou believes that high-quality economic development is inseparable from the support of world-class, high-quality brands. In the context that China's GDP will become the world's first, and in the centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China, the market urgently needs more high-quality brands that occupy the position of "chain leader" of the industrial chain to support China's GDP to become the world's first. He also shared the "three pillars" for the formation of high-quality brands, including high technology content, high cultural content and high social responsibility.

In order to build a high-quality brand, technology is the first. HOdo always adheres to the core position of innovation in the overall development of the enterprise, promotes technological innovation by focusing on the "five first flows" of talents, platforms, inputs, products and mechanisms, improves technological content with intelligent construction, and supports high-tech content with "three stations and three centers." At present, HOdo has applied for more than 4,000 national patents, the launch of "small white T," "HOdo Velvet Underwear," "anti-prick self-repair free repair tire," and other products in the market to become "burst"; Built industry 4.0 intelligent model factory; The Yangtze River Delta Smart retail service industry chain alliance has been established.

High-quality brands need high cultural content to support. On the one hand, HOdo takes root in the traditional culture and forms HOdo culture with the sentiment as the core. On the other hand, to create HOdo Qixi Festival to enrich HOdo culture. Finally, it relies on the party-building culture to lead the enterprise culture. Haijiang Zhou believes that the core values of the Party are the source of forming an excellent corporate culture, and the "Rules for HOdo as a Disciple" is the first corporate version of the "Disciple Rule." In addition, HOdo has "Ormosia," "Swift Horse," and "HOdo" 3 well-known Chinese trademarks, which make HOdo become the "national trademark strategy implementation model enterprise."

High social responsibility for the company can win the market and reputation. How to establish the brand in the hearts of the people for a long time? Haijiang Zhou suggested actively do three positionings, including development positioning, internal positioning and social positioning. Haijiang Zhou has always advocated the concept of "eight parties win-win," to achieve win-win with shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, government, environment, society (community) eight stakeholders so that HOdo brand rooted in the hearts of the people. During the fight against COVID-19, HOdo promptly paid a special party fee of tens of millions of yuan, transferred the production of epidemic prevention materials, organized the resumption of work and production, and led private enterprises to propose initiatives. Therefore, under the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of The State Council, the Medical supplies Support team sent a letter of thanks, praising The red bean as "a well-deserved 'munitions factory' in the fight against the epidemic."

It is understood that the Chinese independent brand expo uses the concept of "Chinese brand, the world to share; With the theme of "gathering power and double circulation, leading new consumption". The exhibition adopts the combination of the online cloud exhibition hall and offline exhibition to centrally display China's brand construction achievements, create online and offline interactive and experiential scenes, let consumers personally feel the charm of domestic products, and set off a new upsurge of self-owned brand consumption. HOdo Men's wear and many domestic well-known brands participated in the 2021 China Independent Brand Expo. It interacts with visitors through online and offline exhibition areas through high-quality domestic products, videos, pictures, online shopping, etc. The brand image of new domestic products leaves a deep impression on visitors and transmits the developmental power of China's own brands to the world.

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