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HOdo Group Won Two Awards of

Published in: 2021-06-25

       On June 24, 2021, International Quality Festival and Global Consumer Leadership Summit was held in Beijing. The conference is jointly sponsored by the National Data Center and many domestic media, with the theme of "quality-driven growth." Yunchun Hou, the member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; Jinhua Xu, the executive vice president of China Enterprise Reform and Development Research Institute; and many other experts and leading enterprises gathered together. They are here to comprehensively display quality results, pass on the spirit of quality, and explore the path of high-quality growth of enterprises. HOdo Group was invited to attend the International Quality Festival and won the "2021 Outstanding Quality Brand Award" and "2021 Brand Value Communication Award".


       The International Quality Festival is the top event in the field of quality in China and an organizational platform for quality supervision of enterprises by several traditional media. The event gathers the head strength of the "quality" brand, displays the quality results in the form of independent speech, high-end dialogue, achievements demonstration, in-depth sharing and other forms, transmits the spirit of quality, and explores the path of high-quality growth of enterprises.

At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the consumption structure is upgraded at an accelerated pace. New products, new services, and new models are emerging rapidly. In this context, the meaning of "quality" is also undergoing profound changes, "quality" no longer simply refers to the quality of products, but in brand creativity, technological innovation, product functions, services, solutions and other all-around upgrades. HOdo Group has been deeply engaged in brand construction for 65 years, with high technology content, high cultural content and high social responsibility "three pillars," and unswervingly promote the high-quality development of the brand. To comprehensively promote performance excellence management in order to provide institutional guarantee for product quality. Over the years, HOdo Group has won the full trust of consumers with its good brand reputation and excellent product quality.


Under the development tide of "Made in Quality in China," the public's recognition of the quality of national products is increasingly enhanced. The rise of national products and the tide of China are irresistible. The new national products with both quality and culture have become a beautiful scenery in the tide of China. As an excellent representative of national brands, HOdo Group has been committed to creating "three products," namely "increase varieties, improve quality,  brand creation," especially in product innovation, HOdo dedicated 65 years of tireless efforts. From single knitted underwear to clothing products serialization; From the traditional clothing industry to the intelligent clothing transformation, HOdo Group is always on the road of product innovation and continuous development, which is full of legendary colour.

In today's diversified, personalized and experience-based consumer demand, HOdo Group adheres to the principle of "user-centred," firmly adheres to the "five first flows," and vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation, including first-class talents, first-class platform, first-class investment, first-class mechanism and first-class products. Relying on has established a "three stand three center" (postdoctoral workstation, academician workstation and graduate workstation, enterprise technology center, industrial design, engineering technology research center), strengthening manufacturing, learning, and research cooperation transverse innovation exchanges and cooperation between enterprises. Innovation cooperation between upstream and downstream industry chains creates high-end, differentiated products and constantly enhances the market competition leading power, initiative.

The international Quality Festival focused on brand quality, pointed out that China has been from rapid growth to high-quality development stage, in the pursuit of a better life under the new expectations, also put forward higher requirements for products, services and quality. Enterprises should carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, do fine products, stronger technology. From "quality made in China" to "quality made in the world," HOdo Group will be firm in its original aspiration, adhere to quality, and continue to create value for consumers with high-quality products. This time, it won two awards of the "2021 International Quality Festival", reflecting the high recognition of the HOdo brand from all walks of life.

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