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HOdo Stock Has Reached Strategic Cooperation with ESMOD, the

Published in: 2021-07-07

Recently, HOdo Stocks signed a strategic cooperation agreement with ESMOD Beijing, a famous fashion design institute. ESMOD Beijing said: "ESMOD has a deep relationship with HOdo and is pleased to be a strategic partner to speak out for China's fashion industry."



Let the world see Chinese fashion. ESMOD is the world's first fashion school - founded by Mr. Lavigne in 1841. It is the oldest fashion design school in the world. It is known as the "Harvard School in Fashion Industry" together with Parsons School of Design in the United States, Central Saint Martin in the United Kingdom and Marangoni College in Italy as the four primary fashion design schools in the world. Regarding the cooperation, the relevant personnel of HOdo Stock said: "This is because I believe, therefore I insist! Based on the common Dream of Chinese fashion, we reached this cooperation. ESMOD Beijing emphasizes innovation and development according to Chinese cultural characteristics, while HOdo highlights the creation of national fashion clothes. We hope to cultivate a group of original designers more suitable for the Chinese market so that the world can see Chinese fashion!"

Fashion advancement, Cross - Boundary Joint Capsule Series. According to the reporter, in this strategic cooperation, ESMOD Beijing will provide multiple cross-border capsule series design services for HOdo Stock every year and invite famous international designers to participate in the cooperation. Based on HOdo brand planning plan, ESMOD Beijing will complete the cross-boundary capsule series design and matching scheme, with fashion features and creativity to improve the brand's tone. For ESMOD specializing in clothing and fashion, men's fashion, women's fashion and fashion marketing is particularly famous, such as the capsule series will also be deeply involved in planning, the theme of the main fabric from the theme colours, and process planning aspects of cooperation, hand in hand to build exclusive brand characteristics of HOdo and develop its brand high-end.

Monthly Resident in the Factory, the Principal and the Teaching Director. Based on the common Dream of Chinese fashion, this strategic cooperation will combine with the red bean culture to form a unique "design aesthetics" in-depth cooperation. HOdo has a deep relationship with ESMOD. As early as 1998, HOdo has founded ESMOD International Training Center with French ESMOD, which was the first time that ESMOD cooperated with Chinese enterprises to open advanced training courses. The long-term partnership lays the foundation for this deep cooperation. According to the person in charge of the design of HOdo Stock, "In this cooperation, ESMOD Beijing College will provide multi-dimensional services such as product planning, clothing capsule series design, training courses and so on for HOdo Stock to help the high-end development of the brand. As for ESMOD Beijing College, President Xiaoqing Liu will be the head of the school, leading Nadia Haouach, Andrea Guerot and other people with more than ten years of experience to participate in the program, and teaching will be conducted in the form of monthly on-site guidance."


Domestic goods legitimate tide and Taotie feast of this depth exchange of Chinese clothing fashion culture is opening prologue. Whether it is ESMOD, the "Harvard of the fashion industry," or HOdo Men's wear aiming at the middle and high-end clothing track, they all take the attitude of Chinese clothing people and explore the path of university-enterprise cooperation to help Chinese fashion. In this regard, the clothing industry insiders commented, "The cooperation between HOdo and ESMOD is not only the exploration of brand upgrading path but also a strong transmission of Chinese fashion confidence."

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