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HOdo Shares Released China's First Batch of Carbon Neutral Clothing and Initiated the Establishment of

Published in: 2021-07-17

In order to create a healthy, sustainable clothing ecosystem and contribute to China's purpose of "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" target, on July 17, the first batch of China's carbon-neutral clothing export conference of HOdo Shares. was held in Taxan Village, Wuxi. At the meeting, HOdo Shares signed a contract with Qingtian Group to play its social responsibility and lead the leadership of supply chain reformation. HOdo also announced the company's 2041 carbon-neutral vision. At the meeting, the establishment of "Yangtze River Delta carbon neutral clothing supply chain alliance" was proposed.


HOdo Shares and Qingtian Group collectively sponsored the conference, under the guidance of the Green Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and the Yangtze River Delta carbon-neutral Strategic Development Research Institute of Southeast University. Nearly 200 government leaders, industry experts and media representatives attended the meeting.


On July 16, the national carbon market officially launched online trading, which indicates that China's signal to put a price on carbon emissions in the whole society and lay a solid foundation for the low carbon transformation of the whole society in order to achieve China's commitment to the international community to "achieve carbon peak by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060". Yiqi Zhou, the Vice-chairman of Chinese Clothing Association, said that as a representative of the apparel industry enterprise, HOdo Stock actively practicing green developing concept and led the Yangtze River Delta Industry Chain enterprises to pay attention to high-quality, green, low carbon, and sustainable clothing manufacturing and make positive contributions in against of global warming at the meeting on Monday. Yiqi Zhou also points out that HOdo plays a leading role in terms of the performance of corporate social responsibility.


Haijiang Zhou, the chairman of HOdo Group, said HOdo launched China's first carbon-neutral export clothing in the apparel industry, hoping to inspire more companies to make their efforts in carbon neutralization. Meanwhile, HOdo will actively integrate resources to build high-quality and competitive carbon-neutral industrial clusters, pioneered in exploring the path of deep industrial transformation and governance under the background of "carbon neutralization," and set a benchmark for the whole country.


In the release of HOdo new products, HOdo Shares illustrated the first batch of export products with the "carbon-neutral" label, which was given a lot of attention by the public. Based on the accounting boundary of "Cradle to Gate," the carbon footprint account of HOdo Sports Beach Pants was carried out. Through afforestation activities, carbon dioxide was absorbed and fixed to generate forestry carbon sink. HOdo achieved carbon neutrality for 11,020 pairs of beach pants exported to the United States in July 2021.  The HOdo Sports Beach Pants carbon sequestration forest project initiated at the meeting, -- Taxus plantation project, with a scale of 18 acres, will reach the surplus of carbon sequestration, thus also taking the first step of the carbon neutralization of HOdo Shares. It is said that the yew forest is the first enterprise to achieve carbon-neutral product and carbon sink forest in Jiangsu Province and HOdo Group began to study the seed development and artificial cultivation of yew in 1997,  which now is the country's largest yew seedling base that contains more than 2481 acres of carbon sink forest, the use of 18 acres are also among them.


In order to actively respond to the national "Double Carbon" target, the textile and clothing industry has become the first industry in China to promote the industrial-level zero carbon target. As a crucial leading enterprise of China's national brands, HOdo takes brand operation, and clothing manufacturing as its advantages to actively practice the concept of green development, and solemnly releases the Declaration of HOdo Carbon Summit and Carbon Neutralization, and releases the low-carbon roadmap of HOdo in 2021, striving to achieve carbon neutralization goal of HOdo by 2041. At the same time, HOdo places corporate responsibility as the important content and jointly signed the contract with several units such as international certification DNV, scientific research institutions, and Yangtze river delta carbon institute. This aims to launch a "carbon-neutral clothing supply chain alliance"—Yangtze river delta focuses on creating the value chain's carbon peak and sustainable carbon development.

In 2001, HOdo Shares went on the stock market.  At present, it transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to an intelligent retailing enterprise started the construction of intelligent HOdo to accelerate the transformation and development of "digitalization" and "greenization."  HOdo has successively launched the transformation project of the smart workshop of HOdo Shirt and HOdo Suit to establish the "smart factory." It is reported that as the domestic low-carbon information leader, its "moving mountains" series of products have accomplished 13 provinces, 89 cities, more than 20,000 enterprises from the national to the public nine levels of vertical coverage. To meet the needs of enterprises, the company provides carbon-neutral labelling, carbon asset management, carbon footprint and other services to more than 20,000 enterprises in China. Combining the two will promote the construction of a green clothing supply chain and help achieve carbon peak and carbon neutralization.

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