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HOdo Group Anti-Tumor High-End Complex Preparation Intelligent Factory Project Officially Started

Published in: 2021-10-28

On October 27, the intelligent factory project of Anti-tumor high-end complex preparation of HOdo Group was officially started, marking the transformation and upgrading of HOdo's big health industry and means that the intelligent manufacturing of HOdo Group has reached a new stage.


Haijiang Zhou said in his speech that in the face of the current complex situation, HOdo Group's response is to actively practice the new development concept, accelerate the evolution & upgrading of the enterprise, and continue to promote the construction of intelligent, green, online, high-end, international and standardized "Six." This project is an important embodiment of the Group's acceleration of intelligent and high-end development. It is reported that the project is a key project to enhance the international competitiveness of the enterprise, with a total investment of 520 million yuan and an annual output of 20 million bottles of anti-tumour injections and 100 million tablets of anti-tumour solid preparations, realizing an output value of more than 1.5 billion yuan and an annual profit of 300 million yuan. The project will construct three production lines for anti-tumour preparations, including a non-final sterilization production line for anti-tumour injections, a final sterilization production line for anti-tumour injections, and an anti-tumour solid preparation production line, which all in accordance with Chinese GMP, FDA, EU and other international first-class standards, all the use of international first-class intelligent equipment and facilities, combined with the CONCEPT of QbD design and construction of the top factory facilities, CIP/SIP(VHP sterilization) and fully closed (Isolator) sterile filling line. The advanced fully sealed RTP system transfers sterile materials, and the computerized system covers the entire isolator filling line, sterile transfer and lyophilization. The whole production process is automatic and intelligent. The project is expected to be produced in the first half of 2023, significantly improving the Group's pharmaceutical production capacity, technology level, and product market competitiveness.



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