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HOdo Group Worked Together with CCTV to Present 2021 Chinese Valentine's Day Special Program

Published in: 2021-08-15

Lovesickness and Being in Love in Chinese Valentine, The Emergence of the Chinese New Wave of Style in the East


The 2021 Chinese Valentine's Day special program collectively presented by HOdo Group and China Media Group will be performed on CCTV-3 CCTV Variety Channel as promised At 19:30 on the night of Chinese Valentine's Day on August 14.

It has been six years since The HOdo Group jointly launched the Qixi Festival special program with CCTV since the first cooperation in 2016; it also has been 21 years since the first HOdo Qixi Festival was successfully held. Qixi Festival, initiated and promoted by HOdo people, has become "Our Festival" and is increasingly sought after by young people.

In addition, the 21st HOdo Qixi Festival live Party held in HOdo Group Headquarters Donggang, Wuxi,  brought a cloud magpie reunion to the general audience. There is a total of 77 red envelopes, each worth 4999 yuan, to give HOdo members real benefits in holidays, which push the atmosphere of the "HOdo Qixi Festival" to the climax!

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