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HOdo Men's Wear under HOdo Shares Won the Industry Benchmark Award of "Tencent Smart Retail Multiplication Action"

Published in: 2021-09-09

Recently, in the double-action activity of Tencent Smart Retail in the first half of 2021, HOdo Men's Wear under HOdo Shares stood out and won the "Industry Benchmark Award" with excellent results in the field of smart retail. Only two brands in the clothing industry have won the award.


It is understood that HOdo Shares cooperated with Tencent Smart Retail in 2020. In March, HOdo Men's clothing official mini program was launched. After only eight months, it reached 100 million yuan in sales and won the best growth award of Tencent's mini-program clothing category. In the first half of 2021, the GMV sales of HOdo Men's Wear mini-program exceeded 100 million yuan, which exceeded the whole year's sales of last year. From mini-program promotions that effectively attract users to online ordering habits; From the rapid growth and outbreak of online business to the accumulation of loyal private domain users, online development has been stable. The digital transformation and upgrading of HOdo men's clothing have achieved remarkable results, and the transformation path has been deepening, becoming a new benchmark for intelligent retail in the industry.

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