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5G+ Intelligent Factory Helps Upgrading "Quality" Manufacturing, and HOdo Group Won the National Quality Benchmark in 2021

Published in: 2021-09-24

China Association for Quality released the national Quality Benchmark list in 2021, and HOdo Group was successfully selected for "The Practice of Building Intelligent Factories Based on 5G Technology -- the Experience of Realizing Flexible Production and quality control of clothing" and also the only textile enterprise in Jiangsu province to win this award.


Over the years, HOdo Group set strong quality enterprise and sustainable excellence as goals,  introduced and promoted performance excellence management, significantly improved corporate culture, strategic management, on-site management, process control and other aspects in 2009, which provide a source of power for the enterprise high-quality, sustainable development. Under the wave of comprehensive and in-depth implementation of "Made in China 2025" to accelerate the development and application of 5G and industrial Internet, HOdo Group has made continuous efforts in upgrading the intelligent manufacturing industries, including textile and apparel, rubber tire and other industrial sectors, which all have intelligent workshops and achieved cost reduction, efficiency increase and high-quality development. In recent years, HOdo Group has mainly focused on the four dimensions of digitalization, informatization, intelligence and automation, intending to build intelligent factories and equip intelligent logistics.



In the future, HOdo Group will continue to be committed to improving products, improving quality standards, strengthening total quality management, promoting quality & efficiency & power reformations, and putting product quality and consumers' interests in the first place to encourage high-quality development of enterprises.

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