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The list of China's Intelligent Tire Factories is Released, and General Science Technology Ranks First Among Tire Enterprises

Published in: 2021-09-27

Internet Weekly of The Chinese Academy of Sciences, eNET Research Institute and Deben Consulting released the "2021 Intelligent Factory TOP200", and General Science Technology ranked 96th, ranking the first among tire enterprises.


As one of the leading enterprises in China's tire industry, in the process of actively promoting intelligent manufacturing in recent years, General Science Technology has grasped strategic opportunities to promote the development of intelligent, green and high-end enterprises. General Science Technology took the lead to achieve the "black lamp workshop" operations among all the companies. Instead of using workers as the main production force, the mechanical arm, EMS cars, stacking machine, and automatic equipment have become the main strength. In the absence of lighting conditions, for more than 200 specifications, embryos automatically sulphide operations at the same time. In order to achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted production, labour costs can be saved by about 50%. Production efficiency can be increased by 40%; operating costs can be reduced by 20%, manufacturing efficiency and quality assurance can be greatly improved. It is rated as Jiangsu Province Demonstration intelligent Workshop and well-received in the industry.

According to the standard planning of "Industry 4.0", the 1.2 million sets of all-steel radial tire intelligent factory project of GE Shares adopts high-end international equipment and 5G private network deployment technology. The industrial Internet platform provides data coordination services for PLM, MES, ERP, and other systems through the intelligent cloud. It is committed to realizing intelligent production in the whole process of product r&d and design, raw material warehousing and finished product warehousing, and fully meeting users' needs for customized and flexible production.

In the future, General Science Technology will focus on the strategic mission of "making every tire a high-quality product," take independent innovation as the engine, think product innovation and technology innovation as the key, vigorously promote the development of the industrial Internet. Furthermore, General Science Technology would constantly enhance enterprises' endogenous development power and lead the intelligent manufacturing of China's tire industry.


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