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Haijiang Zhou Attended the Fifth Global Xi Merchants Conference and Read the Conference's Proposal

Published in: 2021-11-02

On November 1, with the arrival of the second "Wuxi Entrepreneurs Day," the 5th Global Xi Merchants Conference was held in Wuxi.

The vice president of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and the chairman of HOdo Group Haijiang Zhou, attended the meeting read the initiative of "The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" and "Taihu Seal" as the representative of the Xi Conference. People should Embrace and acknowledge the glorious historical mission and social responsibility.


The proposal suggested that we should stick to the heart of serving the country and strive to be builders with one heart and one mind. To serve the country with industry and strengthen it with perseverance, work with the Party and walk with the country, integrate individual dreams into the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation, and integrate enterprise development into the great cause of building China into a modern socialist country. Individuals should care about Wuxi, spreading Wuxi's pleasing voice and showing Wuxi's good image. Actively integrate into the development and participate in the construction of Wuxi. For the high-quality development of Wuxi, give advice, offer good policies and new ideas, always uphold the spirit of struggle, and strive to be a pioneer in entrepreneurship and innovation. Always keep the spirit of surging and enterprising, adhere to the industry, focus on the main business. In order to strengthen the industry, be brave in pioneering, good at creation, do practical work, walk in the forefront, strive for the first, dare to create the only achievement glory. With the foundation of evergreen, long-term career to realize the dream, remember the meaning of good and strive to be the forerunner of common prosperity. Taking the social responsibilities of entrepreneurs in the new era, respond to the common expectations of the people, think about the source of wealth, give back to the society, abide by the law and keep the faith, do good deeds, try first, and become a responsible tin businessman in the new era.

At the meeting, HOdo Group was awarded the top 100 Private Enterprises in Wuxi in 2021, ranking second in the top 100. In addition, the Group also won the Outstanding Contribution Award for Wuxi's COVID-19 Fighting charity, and the Wuxi Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia, which the Group led to establishing, won the Contribution Award for Wuxi Foreign Chamber of Commerce in fighting COVID-19.

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