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Stimulating Innovation! HOdo Science and The Demonstration of Technology Quality Month's Results

Published in: 2021-11-01

"Nine Science and Technology Progress Awards, ten "QC Group Model," twelve "Science and Technology Pioneer," ten "Quality Pioneer," twenty "Technology Expert," a new batch of scientific and technological innovation achievements and staff pioneers emerged in the 17th "Science and technology Quality Month" held by HOdo Group from September to October last year.

The "Science and Technology Quality Month" activity of HOdo Group started in 2005 and has been an important platform for HOdo Group to strengthen the awareness of innovation and launch innovative achievements. In order to overcome the "volcano of transformation" with "independent innovation," HOdo Group firmly adheres to the "five streams" to promote scientific and technological innovation, including first-class talents, first-class platform, first-class investment, first-class mechanism and first-class products, and constantly win new profit space for enterprise development. Last year, HOdo Group was selected as the national quality benchmark for "the practice of building intelligent factories based on 5G technology -- the experience of realizing flexible production and quality control of garments".

In recent years, The scientific and technological innovation work of HOdo Group has been fully focused on "user-centred," comprehensively sorting out and updating indicators from various dimensions such as R&D process, supply chain management, R&D talents, user experience and user satisfaction, and implementing them. For example, based on the popular 3D high elastic pants, HOdo Developed the enterprise standard of "Knitted Casual Pants," including fibre content, tensile performance, top breaking strength, etc. After evaluation, HOdo won the title of "leader" of the 2020 enterprise standard and was listed as the drafting unit of Jiangsu Group standard of "Knitted Casual Pants." The high-end fabric developed by HOdo Home Fabric (cashmere/wool) has become a national product with an increased output value of over 400 million yuan and won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Group. Based on the user's comfort experience index, HOdo Home Fabric has improved its softness of raw material by 2.5%, its looseness by 9.2% and its overall softness by 13%. The Thailand plant of General Science Technology promoted the standardization and modular design of all-steel tires, improved product quality, increased production efficiency by 30%, and increased sales by more than 100 million yuan.

HOdo Group has established a commercial transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements oriented by customer demand, with quality, performance, and contribution as the evaluation guidance, to transform scientific research achievements into economic benefits better. By implementing the reward system for new product registration for all staff, HOdo Group has registered 535 items and converted 154 items. HOdo Home innovates and improves eight large items this year by using this system, promoting sales of more than five million yuan. Market transformation of patents and technological achievements will be enhanced to increase new product sales. General Science Technology's first Chollima EV1 green tire is the first new energy tire researched and developed by the company, which is authorized by invention patent and utility model patent. So far this year, HOdo Group has applied for 255 patents; 176 were authorized, including 16 inventions.

In 2014, HOdo Group established the Award Method for Science and Technology Innovation Conference of the Group. Over the years, HOdo Group headquarters has spent more than 16 million yuan to reward science and technology innovation personnel. 


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