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The General Science Technology Was Honored as the National Industrial Design Center

Published in: 2021-11-22

According to the "General Office of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on the Organization Carries Out the Fifth Group of National Industrial Design Center and a Third Group of Verifying Notice" (ministry of political science and law hall letter [2021] no. 71),  the industrial design center of Jiangsu General Science Technology co., LTD. officially became the national industrial design center.


The national industrial design center, recognized every two years, is an enterprise industrial design center with strong innovative ability, distinctive features, standardized management, outstanding performance and advanced development level as selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This marked the General Science Technology's industrial design ability has entered the advanced national team. It is also understood that only a few companies in the entire tire industry have been awarded the national industrial design center title.

General Science Technology was considered the industrial design center in 2017 by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology hall of Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Design Center. Over the years, General Science Technology continued to carry out technological innovation, increasing science, technology research and development. The company set the goal of a user-centric, market-oriented, all-around open innovation system of industrial design in intelligent manufacturing, product research and development design. The company has more than 390 patents, among which the patents for invention rank the top three in the industry.

General Science Technology continues to promote the development of intelligent, green and high-end enterprises. By applying 5G, Internet of Things, Internet, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies, a data-driven industrial brain and a data platform for the whole life cycle of tire manufacturing is built to achieve flexible manufacturing, intelligent decision-making and personalized products. In 2021, General Science Technology ranked first among tire enterprises in the "2021 Smart Factory TOP 200" by Internet Weekly. Among them, the domestic PCR factory accomplished the "Dark Factory Workshop" operation in the industry.

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