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HOdo Group won the 19th "National Quality Award"

Published in: 2021-12-02

On December 2, 2021, the annual meeting of the China quality association was held in Beijing. The meeting announced the 19th of the high-profile "national quality prize." HOdo Group, which promoted excellence in performance management for 14 years like one day as well as the pursuit of high quality and continuous development, won the honour along with Wahaha, Yili, Wuliangye. HOdo Group is also the only enterprise in Jiangsu province to win this award and the whole textile industry.


The selection of the 19th National Quality Award has the theme of "embracing digital change, promoting quality innovation, continuous pursuit of excellence", adhering to the principle of "high standards, strict requirements, less but better, tree benchmark" through the qualification review, material review, defence review, on-site review and the national quality Award review, and committee review. HOdo Group stood out from more than 120 units and won the 19th "National Quality Award."


After the National Quality Award team conducted an on-site evaluation on HOdo Group, it gave a high evaluation of HOdo Group's commitment to pursue excellent performance. Qiang Li, the Site review group leader, gave an in-depth and meticulous evaluation of the advantages of the HOdo Group. Over the years, the HOdo Group has always attached importance to cultural construction, shaping the corporate culture system to sentiment as the core. Based on the Party building, the Group has built a trinity of modern enterprise system + enterprise Party building + social responsibility organizational governance model, which effectively transforms the Party's political advantages into the enterprise's competitive advantages and development advantages. This explores a road of modern enterprise governance with Chinese characteristics and boosts the high-quality development of the enterprise. With brand building to promote market development ability, HOdo gradually achieved building a world-class enterprise. In the process of development, the Group has always taken talents as the top priority for the survival and development of the enterprise, striving to build a first-class talent team, always focusing on the technical infrastructure construction, continuously enhancing technological competitiveness, and constantly helping supply chain and intelligent factory construction with a good information foundation.


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