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HOdo Men's Wear Became the First Strategic Partner of Tencent Sili Business Platform

Published in: 2021-12-08

On December 8, HOdo Group and Tencent Intelligent Retail reached strategic cooperation. HOdo Men's Wear has become the strategic partner of Tencent Smart Retail, specifically Tencent Sili Business Platform. In facing the competitive environment of consumption patterns in the retail industry, they focused more on operating efficiency, reshaping the retail value, and collectively exploring systematized and sustainable "smart retail" new mode that prioritized digital channels.


This was the second cooperation of HOdo Group and Tencent Intelligent retail. In 2020, the connection between HOdo Group and Tencent Smart Retail was established, ranging from the product to the actual operation. HOdo Group's mini-program achieved rapid growth with total sales of more than $1, And won the "Tencent Smart Retail Multiplication Plan outstanding Growth Award." In the first half of 2021, the GMV sales of HOdo men's mini-program exceeded 100 million yuan, exceeding the whole year of 2020. Their mini-program won the "Double action Apparel Industry Benchmark Award" in October.


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