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Zhou Haijiang inspired young people at Cross-strait CEO Summit: cross-strait young people are facing unprecedented good entrepreneurial opportunity

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On November 4, Zhou Haijiang, All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce Vice President and HOdo Group President was invited to attend 2015 Cross-strait CEO Summit, make the speech titled Achieve Aspirations through Inspirational Entrepreneurship and discuss on the topic ‘Encourage cross-strait young people to strive for entrepreneurship and development’. The 2015 Cross-strait CEO Summit was inaugurated in Nanjing Jinling Conference Centre on November 3 and it was the third annual meeting after the upgrade of the Summit. With “Innovating cooperation model and promoting industrial integration” as the theme, the Summit aimed to highlight the focus of middle and small-sized enterprises, young people and grassroots, guide cross-strait enterprises to work together to promote the construction of “Yangtze River economic belt and one road” and in-depth development of cross-strait economic cooperation. Zeng Peiyan, the chairman of the mainland side, Xiao Wanchang, the chairman of Taiwan side and over 850 cross-strait business leaders and entrepreneurs attended the Summit. Speech made by Zhou Haijiang has aroused general concern of participated guests and media. During the Summit, Zhou Haijiang has also received interview of CCTV, JiangSu Broadcasting Corporation, Xinhua Daily, China Business Network, PhoenixNet, Nanjing Television Station and other media.

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