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HOdo Group Won the Title of "Ankang Cup" Demonstration Unit in Jiangsu Province

Published in: 2022-05-16

Recently, the Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions and the Provincial Emergency Management Department jointly issued the Decision on Praising Advanced collectives and Individuals of the Province's "Ankang Cup" Competition from 2020 to 2021, and HOdo Group won the title of demonstration unit of the Province's "Ankang Cup" Competition from 2020 to 2021. In 2019, the Group was also awarded the "National 'Ankang Cup' Competition Winner" title.


HOdo attaches great importance to employee safety and health, as early as 2004 has passed OHSAS18001 certification. With the theme of "building enterprise safety culture and promoting enterprise safety development", "Ankang Cup" labor safety competition has become the traditional brand of labor protection work of Hongdou Group labor union. In 2021, the Group and its subsidiaries set up a total of 9 Ankang Cup activity leading groups and 53 activity groups to ensure that the competition activities are implemented into the class groups. The group leader of first person in charge of the enterprise shall act as the group leader to ensure the comprehensive and orderly development of Ankang Cup activities.


In 2021, HOdo Group staff safety production training reached more than 60,000 times. In addition to regular training, the Group also promotes performance excellence management and continuously improves employees' awareness of standardized operation and safety prevention through on-site management, lean production, quality management, TOC bottleneck management and other means.



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