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HOdo Group Won the "2022 China Textile and Apparel Brand Competitive Advantage Enterprise"

Published in: 2022-05-11

On May 7, the China National Textile Council released the "2022 Competitiveness Evaluation Results of Chinese Textile and Apparel Brands" list, and HOdo Group was shortlisted.


China National Textile Industry Council has formulated the textile and apparel brand value evaluation system, established the measurement model, and evaluated the competitiveness of textile and apparel brands in 2022. The "2022 evaluation result of the Competitiveness of Chinese textile and apparel Brands" was produced through systematic evaluation. The evaluation covered professional fields such as clothing, textile, home textile and chemical fibre, and finally, a total of 57 enterprises with a brand value of more than 5 billion yuan were shortlisted.


The nomination of "2022 Chinese Textile and apparel brand competitive Advantage enterprise" fully affirmed the achievements of HOdo Group in accelerating the development of high-end, digital and online brands. In the future, HOdo Group will further enhance the brand's domestic and international competitiveness and influence and set a good example for the high-quality development of China's textile and apparel.


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