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6.4 million "red envelopes"! HOdo Group Builds a Happy Community for Centenarians.

Published in: 2022-06-26

Photo taken on June 26 shows the happy life of centenarians in Donggang, Wuxi City. This precious photo of the centenarians "gathering" together has special significance. It is the smiling face of the year of good fortune and the beautiful picture of "strong enterprise and rich people. The four centenarians look healthy and happy in the photos.."


Since 2015, the newly added centenarians in Donggang, Wuxi City, have been "gathering" in this way every year. They participate in the "Hongdou Love Changshan Help Life" public welfare activity of caring for centenarians held by HOdo Group, receive 100,000 yuan "red envelopes" issued by Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation, and leave a precious group photo.


HOdo Group attaches importance to promoting "Xiao" culture in the town of East Port is a good story. Wuxi Yaoting Charity Foundation, founded by Zhou Yaoting, Zhou Haijiang and his son, two-generation leaders of HOdo Group, donated 20 million yuan each year to give "red envelopes" to centenarians. Since 2015, the foundation has given 6.4 million yuan, or 100,000 yuan, to 64 centenarians.

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