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General Motor Shares and Sichuan Louis "Help Tibet Send Warmth" - Public Welfare Event

Published in: 2022-06-29

On June 25, GM Shares in Jiangsu and Sichuan Louis investment together launched "helps hide warmth of public welfare activities" arrived at the destination, cost nearly 7 hours, with their caring for the children. The volunteers delivered collected donations, coloured black velvet and wood, to the destination village.


SewuRong Village is located in Gongga Mountain Town, Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, with an average altitude of more than 4,000 meters at the foot of Gongga Snow Mountain, the "King of Shu Mountains." The motorcade was greeted by Pema Doji, a local liaison who has helped many donation drives, who had arrived early with his children. The children expressed their joy and excitement for the arrival of the caravan of love and presented them with white Hada and bright red scarves.


This activity is a charity trip focusing on children in Tibetan areas on the plateau and a journey to challenge ourselves. From Chengdu to Kangding, to Xinduqiao, and then to SewuRong Village and Shangmuju Village in Gongga Mountain town, the AT/MT tires equipped by the GM team members in advance performed well. The team passed through the pass covered with gravel and lived up to the name of hero on the winding mountain road with the strong cross-country passability and anti-collision ability of Red rabbit horse tires. They escorted the aid trip, helped send warmth to Tibetan areas, and sent various learning materials for the children.


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