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HOdo Group in Qingpu Zhao Xiang investment "Shanghai HOdo Digital Creational Park" started Today

Published in: 2022-07-06

On July 6, the groundbreaking ceremony of Shanghai HOdo Digital Creational Park, a series of activities of key projects in Qingpu District, was held in Zhaoxiang Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai.


Invested by HOdo Group, Shanghai HOdo Suchuang Park has a floor area of about 280,000 square meters. Located in Huqingping Road, Zhaoxiang Town, Qingpu District, the project focuses on "industrial digitalization," integrates the headquarters office, research and development incubation, production services and job-housing integration in one, focuses on the development of "1+2+X" biomedicine, a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence and other industries, and nurtures and develops headquarters economy and scientific innovation services. The project is a specific measure of HOdo Group to implement the national strategy of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and a practical action to respond to the decision and deployment of Qingpu District to build the "digital trunk line of the Yangtze River Delta." It will be completed and put into operation by the end of 2025, contributing wisdom and strength to constructing a "modern hub gateway and happy Qingpu in the new era."


On January 27, 2021, HOdo contacted Qingpu and Zhaoxiang and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the people's government of Zhaoxiang Town. In July 2021, the "HOdo ? Harmony Source" project won the "Shanghai Level Rural Revitalization Project" title. On February 14, 2022, leaders of the Qingpu District Party Committee went to HOdo Group for a field visit and guidance and confirmed the industrial planning positioning of Shanghai HOdo Digital Creational Park. On June 16, Shanghai HOdo Science Park Project participated in the 2022 Shanghai Global Investment Promotion Conference on behalf of Qingpu District and successfully signed a cloud contract.


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