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The Group Launched the 18th "Science and Technology Quality Month" Activity

Published in: 2022-09-16

On September 5, HOdo Group held the 18th Science and Technology Quality monthly mobilization meeting at the Group's morning news conference. Focusing on paying close attention to supply chain management, Hongdou Group emphasized that all staff should "attack the market and achieve double growth." 

At the meeting, Xiaojun Wang, Chief Operating Officer and Minister of Business Management and Operation Department of HOdo Group, read the notice of "In-depth implementation of the 18th 'Science and Technology Quality Month' activity" and made work deployment. The science and technology quality month around "attaches great importance to supplier selection, emphasis on cooperative product development, procurement bidding management, emphasis on product quality management, supply chain management" five aspects for project deployment, supplier selection, strengthening the management of Group for the ins and outs of each enterprise product specification, in order to realize product gross margin increase, pin rate, purchasing cost pressure drop, Product first pass rate increase, repurchase rate increase and other quantitative targets. In terms of paying attention to product quality management, HOdo Home, based on the collection of consumer feedback, establishes a list of quality problems in time and solves QC problems such as "innovating the detection method of comfort bra, improving the elastic recovery rate of the woven fabric" according to the needs of users in the first time, effectively implementing the special deployment. 

Haijiang Zhou, chairman of the board of directors of Hongdou Group, stressed that this year's technology quality month emphasizes "attacking the market" and requires "external thinking." Carry forward the spirit of striving for success, attack the market, achieve double growth, and build a world-class enterprise.

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