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Hodo Group Made Huge Investment into China Minsheng Investment Incorporated Company

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On Aug 21st, led by ACFIC and organized by 59 famous private enterprises, China Minsheng Investment Incorporated Company. Ltd(abbreviated below as CMIC.) was officially inaugurated in Shanghai Golden Bund International Square, which is the first private investment company. President ZhouHaijing and 6 other vice chairmen of ACFIC held very significant positions.

In March of 2014, supported by ACFIC, CMIC got approved by the State Council and became the first “National” large-scale private investment company. On May 9th, CMIC was incorporated in Shanghai with 50 billion Chinese currency. The stock holders are all from large-scale private enterprises, involving machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, IT, asset management, environmental protection, new energy, electricity, e-commerce, etc., who have joint-stock or hold stocks of a number of listed companies. And the total assets reached almost RMB 1000 billion. A single stockholder would have the highest proportion no more than 2% of total assets (1billion RMB) and lowest proportion no less than 0.6%( 3000 million RMB).

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