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HOdo Group’s 2016 annual mobilization meeting for promotion of the “six standards” New heights will be attained in the year for promotion of the “six standards”——Zhou Haijiang, Party secretary and president of HOdo Group makes report at the Group’s mobili

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On the afternoon of February 13, HOdo Group held the 2016 annual mobilization meeting for promotion of the “six standards”. Zhou Haijiang, Party secretary and president of HOdo Group gave an important speech, which made key arrangements on the work of 2016. Liu Lianhong, general manager of HOdo Investment Company, Zhou Hongjiang, general manager of HOdo Joint Stock Company, Dai Minjun, general manager of International Company, Gu Rui, chairman of General Company and so on gave speech at the meeting respectively. Some of the abstracts of speech are shown as follows. 


2015 is the “user and assessment year” of HOdo Group. With the care and support of leaders of all levels and people from all walks of life, HOdo Group has seen stable growth. In the “new normal”, HOdo laid a solid foundation on real economy and made such four industries as textile and garment, rubber tire, biological medicine and real estate most powerful. It went ahead on accelerating transformation and upgrading and on building up enterprises integrating industry and finance. In 2015, HOdo Group had registered stable development by realizing total sales of 50.3 billion Yuan and by showing a growth rate of 18.03 % for year-on-year tax payment.    


It is no easy job in making these achievements. 2016 will be the year for HOdo’s promotion of the “six standards”. Speeding up development will continue to be the key word for all the our tasks throughout 2016, and promotion of the Group’s "intelligentization, greenization, internationalization, servitization, high-end oriented, and securitization” will be a key measure for realizing steady growth.    

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