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Zhou Haijiang attended the working conference on the district project construction and the development modern industry

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HOdo Group and its subsidiaries won many an honor 

On February 25, Xishan district committee and the district government held a working conference on project construction and the development of modern industry. Main leaders of the district’s four leading groups including Lu Zhijian, secretary of the committee of Xishan District, Gu Zhongming, deputy secretary of the committee of Xishan District and the district chief as well as Zhou Haijiang, board co-chairman of HOdo Group attended the meeting upon invitation. Zhou made a speech revolving around how to make entity enterprises to become bigger and stronger. He remarked that HOdo will be guided by the government to adapt to the new normal of economic growth, speed up the construction of “six based” in an effort to bring about a “hundred billion” HOdo and realize new development with a fresh outlook.  


The conference presented awards to excellent enterprises. HOdo and its subsidiaries have won many distinctions. The Group was rated as “advanced enterprise of Xishan District for developing headquarters economy in 2015”, “2015 innovation (internet and industrial integration innovation) and demonstration engineering enterprise on deep integration of the two based in Jiangsu”, “award winner for construction of energy management system in 2015” and other honors. HOdo General was rated as “one of the top ten taxpayers among industrial enterprises of Xishan District in 2015”, “2015 award winner for high-tech products of Jiangsu Province” and other two distinctions. HOdo Properties, HOdo Stock, Biological Company, Pharmaceutical Company, Textile Trading Center and so on have also won one or multiple distinctions. 

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