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HOdo sets an example for the industry

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On March 1, accompanied by Xie Ming, president of Jiangsu Textile Association, Wang Tiankai, president of China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) led the spring survey group on material and production cost of CNTAC to carry out an in-depth survey at HOdo Group. Wang Tiankai thought highly of HOdo’s development and pointed out that HOdo had set an example for the industry.   

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At 9 am., accompanied by Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group, Wang Tiankai visited and made a survey of HOdo Group. Zhou indicated the year 2016 marked the acceleration of HOdo’s “six based”, and HOdo will center on the operation strategy of “three automation and six based” and adhere to the objective of creating “intelligent HOdo” to bring about healthy, stable and sustained growth for the Group. Zhou also elaborated on the transformation and upgrading of HOdo men's wear as well as the the model of “one based, three priorities”. Wang sang high praise for HOdo’s achievement and pointed out that in the current economic environment, HOdo had set an example for the industry by pursuing a road of transformation and upgrading through concrete effort. In the future, HOdo will continue its reform and adjustment to adapt to the new conditions and new environments, accelerate transforming itself from a production-based enterprise to a production and service-oriented business. HOdo will also strive to win more popularity for its brand and to turn itself into a role model of China’s textile industry, thus making more contribution to the textile industry and the local economy. 

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