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Young politician delegation of the Cambodian People's Party came to Wuxi and visited HOdo

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On March 17, Gai Benxing, central committee member of Cambodian People's Party, vice chairman of the Central Publicity Commission and leader of the Central Youth Working Team and Hong Manai, central committee member of the People's Party and deputy chief of the Central Youth Working Team led the young politician delegation of the Cambodian People's Party to visit Wuxi and study the economic and social development of Wuxi as well as the grass-roots party construction and league construction. Wang Quan, mayor of Wuxi, deputy mayor Wang Jinjian, Ye Qinliang, secretary general of the municipal government met the delegation. Zhou Haijiang, board co-chairman of HOdo Group took part in the meeting.    

On March 18th, the delegation went to HOdo Group for visit and study and was warmly received by deputy mayor Wang Jinjian, Chen Jianqing, deputy head of Xishan District and Zhou Haijiang, board chairman of HOdo Group. A cordial talk was held between both sides, and a brief introduction on HOdo’s development and the construction and development of SSEZ were reported to the delegation. Through visit and communication, the delegation has known more about HOdo Group which has developed from a small workshop to a large enterprise. Gai Benxing holds that HOdo lays great stress on the legal rights and interests of its employees, maintains a harmonious relation with the staff and is relatively influential in the international market. Moreover, the SSEZ as invested and constructed by HOdo and other businesses complies with China’s “one-for-one” initiative.       

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