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Zhou Haijiang addressed on Provincial Private Entrepreneurs Forum:Seize the opportunity of supply-side reforms, build the “three- independent” enterprise actively

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On March 25th, Jiangsu provincial party committee and Jiangsu provincial government held a provincial private entrepreneurs forum in Tai Zhou. The attendees deeply studied and implemented the spirit of President Xi Jinping’s speech, which was made on Xi’s visit to the members of China National Democratic Association(CNDA) and industrial and commercial sectors that had attended The four session of the 12th CPPCC National Committee. Provincial party committee secretary Luo Zhijun attended the forum and guided the work while Shi Taifeng, the provincial governer of Jiangsu chaired the forum. Entrepreneur representatives from 20 private enterprises throughout the province attended the forum. 8 enterprise leaders including Zhou Haijiang(HOdo), Xu Jingren(Yangtze River pharmaceutical Group) and Shen Bin(JiangsuShagangGroupCo.,Ltd) gave the addresses on the forum and shared the experience on studying President Xi Jinping’s important speech.

Zhou Haijiang said that, it was important for non-state-ownedenterprises to maintain political composure. The enterprise development composure was from the political composure, with which the enterprises could be confident in front of difficulties and disturbances and fearless on the battlefield, overwhelm the risks and win the development. HOdo realized the stable and healthy development by focusing on the role of the political composure in enterprise as a guideline.


Zhou Haijiang suggested that, the enterprises should seize the opportunity of supply-side reform and press forward the steps of  “independent innovation, independent brand, independent capital” and forge a group of “three-independent” enterprises. The edge-tool of enterprises were innovations and monopolies, which was the fundamental way out for real enterprises to change the unprofitable situations. Brand was the fundamental way to maximize the value of innovation. The more the independent capital, the faster the enterprises developed. Financing directly to be integrators was the way to obtain more independent capital faster.

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