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HOdo Group holds the “potential tapping month” commendation conference

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March 2016 was HOdo Group’s 12th potential tapping month. According to the deployment on work of the “six standards promotion year”, the Group put forward such four work themes as “grasping bottleneck management, grasping performance assessment, grasping six costs, collecting reasonable suggestions”. All the companies and enterprises made active response and carried out various activities on potential tapping and increasing efficiency. In terms of reasonable suggestions, all the Group employees gave full play to their subjective initiative and contributed ideas, efforts and wisdom for corporate development, which led to desirable economic benefit. In March, the Group received a total of 14,092 reasonable suggestions, 4138 of which were adopted and 2235 were implemented. In order to set up role models and bring about a favorable atmosphere in which all the staff members will participate in the improvement and innovation, in the “potential tapping month” commendation meeting held on April 5, 13 potential tapping individuals and 73 pieces of excellent and reasonable advice were commended and rewarded. Among the awarded reasonable suggestions, two were awarded the first prize, 8 second prize, 12 third prize, and 51 consolation prize. Board chairman Zhou Yaoting and Zhou Haijiang, board co-chairman of HOdo Group and so on presented award to the advanced tapping individuals, proponents for excellent and reasonable suggestions and the personnel of implementation. 

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