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The Group starts to formulate the first social responsibility report

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In the morning of April 6, HOdo Group held the meeting on initiation of 2015 social responsibility report. Lin Bin, deputy director of Research Center on Enterprise Social Responsibility and director of Comprehensive Standard Strategic Guidance Center for Bid Winning Private Enterprises and Zhou Haijiang, board co-chairman of HOdo Group showed up at the meeting. During the meeting, work on formulation of HOdo Group’s social responsibility report of 2015 was deployed and arranged.     


Lin Bin indicated that corporate social responsibility involves multiple fields of the economy, society and environment, and enterprises need to heighten their awareness and practice of social responsibility. He also spoke highly of HOdo’s high attention to social responsibility all along and the great deal of solid and effective work that was finished in terms of absorbing employment, programs for public good, and the pivotal role in the “one belt one road” project. Lin believed that HOdo has served as a role model among private enterprises in shouldering social responsibility.


After that, Zhou Haijiang gave a brief introduction on HOdo’s social responsibility and emphasized the concept of “win-win outcome from all sides”. He maintained that competition in the past was among enterprises. But now competition was between ecospheres. What HOdo is in pursuit is to work hand in hand with shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers, partners and the government and to bring about “win-win outcome from all sides” with the environment and the society (community).    

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