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HOdo conducted “TCM Comprehensive Cost Control and Best Practices” special training

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On March 19th, an offbeat speacial training was held by HOdo on “TCM Comprehensive Cost Control and Best Practices, lectured by Jiang Hongfeng, head of supply-chain expert group, senior partner of UPGRADE ZONE, which broaden the enterprises’ overall cost-reduction thinking further. Zhou Haijiang(HOdo co-chairman of the board of directors), the general managers from level 1 subsidiarycorporations and heads of headquarter departments attended the training.


Beginning with supply-demand relations, Jiang Hongfeng taught the knowledge in cost control, supply chain cost control, logistics(inventory) and production cost cut-down, stating trans-department communication and cooperation skills within enterprises.


After the training, many staff and leaders of HOdo said, the lecture of Jiang was vivid and easy-understanding, which was greatly helpful for them on reducing waste in corporation’s business operations and elevating its profitability.

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