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HOdo Group’s quality management system on Party construction passes the examination smoothly

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HOdo’s Party construction is characterized by diverse form and distinct features and full of innovation and improvement. HOdo’s quality management system on Party construction complies with the GB/T19001-2008 standard and all the management manuals, related system documents and related laws, regulations and requirements. During the last meeting on supervision and examination of HOdo’s quality management system on party construction of party committee on May 13, Lu Kai, head of the audit group and member of China Quality Mark Certification Group, Jiangsu Office sang high praise for HOdo’s effort in Party construction and announced on site that HOdo’s Party construction quality system smoothly passed the second annual supervision and examination.During the two days’ examination, members of the audit group, according to the audit plan, were divided into five groups which successively conducted sampling inspection on the operation of the quality management system of the eight major departments of the Group’s party committee, of the general Party branch of Yuandong company, of Changjiang Company, of the Finance Company and of the subordinate party branches.


During the last meeting for examination, members of the audit group sang high praise for HOdo’s Party construction and the operation of the Party construction quality system. The audit group held that HOdo’s Party construction efforts were full of highlights as well as innovations and improvements. First, the education for the Group’s party members was rich in content and diverse in form. In the meantime, HOdo innovated the way of educating the Party members via the new media platform. Thus, the HOdo Party construction network, HOdo Party construction WeChat public platform, HOdo mobile newspaper and other related means of education were popularized. The Group also paid high attention to disadvantaged groups by establishing the Tingyao Charity Foundation, making donation to Cambodia, offering free education, helping the local people in difficulties, etc., which gave prominence to the social responsibility of private enterprise. HOdo also set up  typical examples and brought about the sound atmosphere of taking the lead in creating excellence. HOdo’s effort in Party construction was distinct in feature and innovative in content. In terms of construction of service-based Party organization, the Group, based on the quality objective of “four HOdo”, put forward the strategy of “win-win outcome from eight sides” and “six oriented”, which further diversified HOdo’s Party construction and embodied the Party construction concept of advancing with the times and continuous innovation. In 2015, HOdo’s year-on-year tax revenue increased by 18.03%, which met the requirements of quality policy in the real sense and turned the Party’s political advantages into HOdo’s development advantages. Additionally, the audit group offered improvement suggestions for HOdo’s further improvement of its Party construction quality.    


Zhou Haijiang, Party secretary and board co-chairman of HOdo pointed out at the last meeting that the Party committee of the Group shall, as per the improvement suggestions, made improvements item by item, made rectification carefully, and fully displayed the positive effect of one effort, thus further improving the quality of HOdo’s Party construction in the process of improvement and implementation.

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