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2016 “China's Top 500 Most Valuable Brands” were Announced “HOdo” Brand Ranked No. 91

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On June 22, “World Brand Conference” sponsored by World Brand Lab was held in Beijing, and announced 2016 (thirteenth) “China's top 500 most valuable brands”. “HOdo” brand continued to perform strongly, ranking No. 91. The brand value rose to 31.095 billion Yuan from 23.385 billion Yuan in 2015.

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HOdo Group was founded in 1957 and developed in the 1980s. The products developed from the initial knitted underwear to textile and garment, tire and rubber, biological pharmacy, real estate. Currently, it has 13 subsidiaries, and becomes one large enterprise group integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, global trade. Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone of Cambodia was known as a model project along “One Belt and One Road” and was praised by the leaders of China and Cambodia for many times. In 2015, HOdo Group bucked the trend, achieved sales of 50.3 billion, which was enough to prove its exuberant vitality and excellent brand value.

“The key to a brand includes two contents: one is technical content, and the other is cultural content. Technology and culture respectively contribute 50% to the brand”, Zhou Haijiang, vice president of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of HOdo Group, said.  HOdo Group earlier recognized the brand effect and successfully created and developed the brand in China. In addition to continuously improving technology and engraving product quality with craftsmen’ spirit, HOdo Group also injected cultural genes into HOdo brand. Zhou Haijiang aimed to make HOdo Group become the first cultural brand in China. In order to revive the Chinese traditional culture, HOdo Group has begun to spread HOdo Double Seventh Festival since 2001, carry forward Chinese traditional culture through this platform, perfectly integrate  traditional culture and enterprise culture, enhance corporate culture by creating a traditional festival, which injected a cultural content into HOdo brand. As HOdo Double Seventh Festival was accepted and loved by the public, HOdo brand has higher cultural content.  Double Seventh brand belongs to the Chinese people, and the whole East and the world, which laid a solid foundation for HOdo Group going global. Hodo attached importance to the brand, so HOdo trademark was rated as China’s well-known trademark in 1997 by China's State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2010, HOdo also became a national trademark strategy demonstration unit. Over the years, “HOdo” brand has won the Chinese garment industry's highest honor - Achievement Award, “CCTV China Brand of the Year” and other honorary titles. Clothing sales ranked first in the Chinese apparel industry for many years; HOdo brand strength and value are leading in the 2014 Chinese brand value list.

In 2016, HOdo Group put forward the “Three Independent and Six Oriented” concept. “Three Independent” refers to independent innovation, independent brand and independent capital. “Six Oriented” means intelligent, green, international, service-oriented, high-end, securitization”. The key point is to promote product innovation and brand development with innovation and make the independent brand, which will be more conducive to seize the domestic market and even international markets. The “wisdom” HOdo building once again increased the value promotion space of “HOdo” brand.

With the improvement of consumer education and knowledge, more and more consumers are concerned about the sustainability of the brand. In addition to finance, consumer behavior, brand strength and other factors, the World Brand Laboratory integrated sustainable development into its core values in the evaluation of “China's top 500 most valuable brands”, and   not just treated it as a minor problem to deal with. In order to realize the globalization, Chinese brands must first have “sustainability”. Getting the brand's long-term value through obtaining the social success and environmental protection has increasingly become a consensus.

As the pride of national enterprises, HOdo Group represents not only products and technology but also a corporate culture, which is the reason why HOdo brand is long-lasting. If Chinese brands want to go global, it is not enough to rely solely on the product. It is necessary to stand in the height of history and culture to convey a spirit. HOdo Group also insisted on integrating its own power into the social development, and constantly pursued the “eight-win” situation among shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, government, environment, society. This time, HOdo Group can be described as deserved to be among “China's top 500 most valuable brands”. 

It is understood that the World Brand Lab president was served by Robert Mundell, the 1999 Nobel Laureate in Economics, “Father of the Euro”, Columbia University professor. Its experts and consultants come from world-class universities including Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University Of Oxford, Cambridge University. Its research has become an important basis of many enterprises’ intangible assets appraisal. The list will be published in 500 mainstream media including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, “Economic Daily”, Chief Executive China, Sina.com, Xinhua.com, etc.    

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