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Fifth China Finance Summit was Held in Beijing HOdo Group Won Two Awards

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On July 21-22, the Fifth China Finance Summit 2016 with the theme of “Chinese qualitative change: new challenges and opportunities” was held in Beijing, and attracted more than 800 guests in the fields of   business, academia, media, culture and art. As enterprise and character model that promotes economic growth and social progress under the new normal, HOdo Group won the “2016 Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Model”.  Zhou Haijiang, vice president of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of HOdo Group was awarded the “2016 Best Wise People.”

At present, China is in a critical phase of economic structural adjustment and restructuring and upgrading. With the pushing and deepening of the supply-side structural reform, a hot topic of this year's summit is how to seize the opportunity to reform and release the supply energy.  Zhou Haijiang, vice president of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and president of HOdo Group, said on many occasions, expanding the effective supply was a major innovation in adapting and leading the new normality of economic development and also showed the CPC Central Committee’s new ideas of dealing with the current economic difficulties.  We should moderately expand aggregate demand, and    strengthen supply-side reforms to enhance the strength and level of enterprises’ participation in market competition. In the future, HOdo Group will also use the Internet, networking and other advanced information technology to upgrade product design, supply chain, production, marketing and internal management and lead  the  scientific, network-based and intelligent changes of enterprise management, promote the traditional enterprises to transform to “intelligent enterprises” , create “wisdom HOdo”, and optimize effective supply .

At the Summit, HOdo Group won the “2016 Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Model”, which was inseparable from HOdo Group's insistence on social responsibility.  HOdo Group is one of 120 pilot enterprises that the State Council deepens reform, and the only “National Trademark Strategy Implementation Demonstration Enterprise”. As a large-scale private enterprise, HOdo aims to “common prosperity, serving the country with industry” and actively fulfills their social responsibilities. Back in 2007, HOdo passed CSC9000T certification, and became the first to fully implement the corporate social responsibility in China’s textile industry, and donated a total of over 300 million Yuan to the society over the years. For employees, the environment, the society and other stakeholders, HOdo always adheres to its responsibilities as a “citizen” to win   the trust and support of the community.

Especially the “eight-win” concept proposed by Zhou Haijiang in recent years won the recognition of the community. Zhou Haijiang believed that, a modern enterprise must have a win-win concept, because the competition among enterprises has risen to the entire ecosystem competition from product competition and industry chain competition.  A better ecosystem can win, and it must be a win-win ecosystem. Zhou Haijiang’s “eight-win” concept refers to “eight-win” situation among shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, partners, government, environment, society (community). The “eight-win” concept allowed enterprises to develop better, and won the affirmation of the parties at home and abroad. HOdo’s project of Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone of Cambodia was praised by the general secretary Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Hun Sen and has become a model along One Belt and One Road. It also won the approval of the people and actually contributed to the “eight-win” concept. 

It was reported that, China Finance Summit was established in 2012, and currently is one of the most influential idea exchange platforms in the domestic economic sector. 

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