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The 16th HOdo Qixi’s Day Activities are in Full Swing

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People in Love Spend Qixi’s Day happily

Love comes on Qixi’s DayRomantic sweet Qixi’s Day is approaching. Valentine's Day activities held annually by HOdo Group as the initiator and leader of Qixi’s Day   will become the focus of attention. This year is no exception. With the holiday approaching, the 16th HOdo Qixi’s Day activities are in full swing.


CCTV3 Special Program -People in Love was broadcast on Qixi’s Day's 

Qixi’s Day is a Chinese festival, which carries the beautiful legend and romantic feelings of the Chinese people. At 7:55 pm on Qixi’s Day in 2016, Qixi’s Day program was broadcast on CCTV 3 that was solely named by HOdo Group all media; Valentine’s Day special program “People in Love” was broadcast for 100 minutes. The party was a hymn of love, and vividly told five real grass-roots Chinese couples’ love stories, showing the love of different age and experiences in front of the audience. 

Legend has it that, the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd meet annually at Magpie Bridge. Because of this beautiful legend known for thousands of years, the party specifically chose five ordinary grassroots couples who were apart longer than they were together. conductor Sun Yinxue couple, geologist Wu Guangming couple, Tanggula sentinel Qiu Hongtao couple, and One Belt and One Road builder Jiang Kexing couple of HOdo Group... the nature of special jobs made them live apart from each other for many years and rarely see each other. On Qixi’s Day, the party adopted the ways of collecting HOdo thumbs up and closing Magpie Bridge to help these real versions of “the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” to meet at  the scene. During the Magpie Bridge closing, star performances, singing and other forms were interspersed to show the joy that “the world lovers” finally meet. The “Magpie Bridge” not only let the audience feel their emotional journey, but also allowed everyone to appreciate the true feelings, which carried forward the socialist core values and transferred China’s positive energy.


“One Belt and One Road” builder Jiang Kexing arrived in Cambodia on August 27, 2014 and officially joined the construction of Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone held by HOdo Group.  For two years, he worked hard to overcome the language, culture, customs and other obstacles, and always fought in the front line to serve businesses in the region. Each year, Jiang Kexing only had two opportunities to return home, and spent less time with family together. All family obligations fell to his wife. His wife only came to Cambodia once. She was happy when coming, but she didn’t look back when leaving. She told Jiang Kexing, “She will never want to come, because it is too painful to depart each time.” Such stories are staged every day in Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone. They are neither great nor thrilling, but tens of thousands of people like Jiang Kexing sacrificed their own benefits to build Sihanoukville Special Economy Zone. China-Cambodian friendship contains the sweat and dedication of them and their families.

It was understood that in order to increase the interaction of the programs, the party also set up the shaking link, there will be a lot of cash envelopes, HOdo gifts (HOdo velvet, HOdo sweater), HOdo shopping vouchers to interact with the audience.

“The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” Meet on HOdo High-Speed Rail

In today's information society, the way of mailing a letter is gradually replaced by WeChat, SMS, email, etc. How does fast-developing modern society spend Qixi’s Day? This is what HOdo Group has been concerned about for sixteen years when advocating Qixi’s Day, which is to inject era elements to the traditional Qixi’s Day.

Since last year, HOdo has focused on modern vehicles - high-speed rail. This year, HOdo once again sponsored the “HOdo ? Harmony” brand train. With HOdo men's clothing “looking for the most beautiful love stories IV” as a point and   the modern high-speed rail as a line, it linked   the gratitude and love from north to South together, and injected the dynamic fashion elements to the Qixi’s Day with the Chinese traditional cultural characteristics to guide people, especially young people to know, understand and love Qixi’s Day.

On August 9, HOdo men's clothing would hold “HOdo ? Harmony” brand train departure ceremony at the Beijing South Railway Station on Qixi’s Day, with Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail as the Magpie Bridge.  “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” from across the country met on the train to pass love and moving. The train from imperial capital to magic city would once again interpret Magpie Bridge Meeting of the new era. Meanwhile, HOdo created a full-range brand effect through station reporting, glass door stickers, luggage rack color stickers, screens, pillow cases and table boards on the high-speed rail in order to achieve maximum publicity.


“Looking for the Most Beautiful Love Stories” and “Love on the Road” 

HOdo is a tangible feeling, while the feeling is intangible HOdo. During this Qixi’s Day, HOdo Group's various brands launched a variety of Valentine’s Day activities to interpret HOdo’s love feelings. 

During Qixi’s Day, HOdo men's clothing launched a large article-soliciting activity of “looking for the most beautiful love stories IV” across the country.

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