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The 16th HOdo Qixi’s Day Activities are Colorful

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The exclusively title sponsored CCTV Qixi’s Day Special Program, HOdo Harmony Train and Qixi’s Day Promotion Film are now available!

When many viewers were enjoying the happiness of passionate Olympic Games on August 9, another event in August, HOdo Qixi’s Day officially started. The exclusively title sponsored CCTV 3 Qixi’s Day Special Program, HOdo Harmony brand train, and Qixi’s Day promotion Film were online; HOdo Group’s online and offline products were preferential for consumers… The 16th HOdo Qixi’s Day activities can be described as brilliant.


“Feast” One: Special Program is Broadcast Live on CCTV 3 

Qixi’s Day is the festival of people in love. At 7:55 pm in August 9, the Qixi’s Day program was broadcast on CCTV 3 that was exclusively title sponsored by HOdo Group; the special program “People in Love” was broadcast for 180 minutes, which vividly told five real grass-roots Chinese couples’ love stories to the national audience. Five ordinary grassroots couples included conductor Sun Yinxue couple, geologist Wu Guangming couple, Tanggula sentinel Qiu Hongtao couple, and One Belt and One Road builder Jiang Kexing couple of HOdo Group... the nature of special jobs made them live apart from each other for many years and rarely see each other. The party adopted the ways of collecting HOdo thumbs up and closing Magpie Bridge to help these real versions of “the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” to meet at  the scene. In order to better stimulate audience participation, HOdo shake link allows the national audience through the mobile phone to give thumbs up and blessings to five pairs of “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd”. Every blessing is a HOdo. National audience showed strong enthusiasm for participation, and gave more than 1 million HOdo to each pair of “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” to help “Magpie Bridge” to close and let the separated couple gather in “Magpie Bridge”. During the Magpie Bridge closing, star performances, singing and other forms were interspersed to show the joy that “the world lovers” finally meet. The “Magpie Bridge” not only let the audience feel their emotional journey, but also allowed everyone to appreciate the true feelings, which carried forward the socialist core values and transferred China’s positive energy.

A number of stars were invited for the Program, which highlighted the theme and expressed the most sincere wishes to people in love. Many stars including Wang Gang, Tenggeer, Lin Yilun, Zhang Kaili, “subwoofer” Wang Xi, CCTV “Avenue of Stars” championship mix “Nine month miracle” gave wonderful performance. The program also invited star couples including Fu Yandong couple, Wang Hongwei couple, Zhou Wei couple to the scene to send blessings and special gifts for such five couples and express praise for their deeds.


“Feast” Two: Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Rail “HOdo ? Harmony” Departs on Qixi’s Day

On August 9, HOdo Group held “HOdo ? Harmony” brand train departure ceremony at the Beijing South Railway Station on Qixi’s Day. The modern version of “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd Meeting at Magpie Bridge” was performed on the high-speed rail.

At 10:00 am, “HOdo ? Harmony” brand train departure ceremony was held in Beijing South Railway Station. Dozens of media gathered in the conference site, and attended the departure ceremony. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail is the country's busiest high-speed rail line, and connects   China's two most economically developed zones, namely Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei economic zone and the Yangtze River Delta economic zone. “HOdo ? Harmony” high-speed rail is G127, from Beijing South to Shanghai Hongqiao, via the country's major provinces and municipalities including  Beijing, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu and Shanghai. At 11:35 am, G127 “HOdo ? Harmony” departed from Beijing South Railway Station on time. “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd” from across the country met on the train. They walked together slowly from both ends of the train and eventually gathered, which passed love and moving along the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail.

Meanwhile, HOdo created a full-range brand effect through station reporting, glass door stickers, luggage rack color stickers, screens, pillow cases and table boards on the high-speed rail in order to achieve maximum publicity.

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“Feast” Three: Promotion Film tells about the Past and Present of the Qixi’s Day  

From August 4, HOdo Qixi’s Day promotion Film produced by HOdo Group was online on Sohu video, Tencent video, Tudou, Letv, IQiyi, Youku and Ku6, etc. On Qixi’s Day on August 9, HOdo Qixi’s Day promotion Film was broadcast on Tianjin TV ranking in the front across the country. The beautiful screen and fresh movie quality were popular with people all over the country. The promotion told one pair of childhood sweetheart with story-based narrative. They met due to the legend of The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd, knew each other because of looking for the past and present of HOdo Qixi’s Day, and finally loved each other. It depicted the past and present of HOdo Qixi’s Day and vividly described how HOdo “resisted” rose, which not only showed the origins of HOdo Group and Valentine’s Day but also let more people like this festival in the form of promotion. 

HOdo Group brand culture head said, HOdo Group began carefully to plan Qixi’s Day 20 years ago, and really launched “HOdo Qixi’s Day” in 2001.

In 2010, Qixi’s Day was jointly determined by seven ministries including Publicity Department of the CPC as “our holiday”. Qixi’s Day has gone through 16 years. For 16 years, HOdo Group made great efforts to revitalize the traditional festival that had been forgotten by people and become the Qixi’s Day. In the forms of story and documentary and with the most popular expression way of film and the Internet communication means, HOdo Qixi’s Day promotion artistically presented 10 years’ efforts of HOdo Group. The promotion highlighted the true performance of Zhou Yaoting, Deputy to the 9th and 10th National People's Congress, Chairman of the Board of Directors of HOdo Group, chief architect of “HOdo Qixi’s Day”, initiator and driving force of Qixi’s Day. The Western Valentine's Day has become popular with young people, but traditional Qixi’s Day has gradually been forgotten, so he was determined to make Qixi’s Day, and has led the Group to create HOdo Qixi’s Day for over ten years.

It is reported that, in order to ensure the quality of the promotion, the film “master” was invited to feature in the promotion. General director Chen Taiyun, the current general manager of Yangtze Film Cultural Development Co., Ltd, has directed more than ten micro-films, big movies, videos and other film and television works. Micro-film “Touch” written and directed by him won Award for Best Brand Creation at the First Jiangsu International Micro-film Festival. Executive director Liu Hao and photography director He Zhiwei have a lot of award-winning works.

During this Qixi’s Day, HOdo Group's various brands launched a variety of activities to interpret HOdo’s love feelings.

During Qixi’s Day, HOdo men's clothing launched a large article-soliciting activity of “looking for the most beautiful love stories IV” across the country. GM carried out special activities “Love on the road III”. HOdo home combined with the company's product sales to hold “Qixi’s Day Immortal at the Magpie Bridge, Special Offers” theme promotions to benefit consumers. HOdo textile’s theme on this Qixi’s Day is to advocate gratitude feelings and “love for offspring” and so on.

Two decades of planning and sixteen years’ persevere eventually allow HOdo to become a miracle of love. It is said that when Qixi’s Day meets the Olympic Games, one is born for love, and the other is to fight for love. Please enjoy the happiness that HOdo brings to all lovers on Qixi’s Day.


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