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Zhou Haijiang attended the colloquia on construction of the “one belt one road” organized by the central government.

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On August 17, the colloquia on accelerating construction of the “one belt one road” as organized by the central government was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC attended the colloquia and delivered an important speech. He stressed that we need to sum up experience and fortify our confidence to proceed in an earnest way in order to enable the construction of the “one belt one road” to benefit people of all countries along the line. Zhou Haijing, president of HOdo Group showed up at the colloquia as responsible person of HOdo. He held that HOdo had been fulfilling the spirit of Xi Jinping’s speech, that is, to vigorously fulfill the concept of win-win outcome and to turn the “one belt one road” into a project winning popular support.  



Zhou also pointed out that after the colloquia, general secretary Xi Jinping remarked the following when shaking hands with him. Cambodia is a key country along the “one belt one road” and it is of great importance in operating SSEZ effectively, which greatly encouraged Zhou and made him realize that great responsibilities are on his shoulder.   

After the 18th national congress of the CPC, the Party Central Committee focused on development of China during the 13th Five Year Plan and a longer period that followed and gradually specified the development strategy on construction of the “one belt one road”.Besides, the Strategic Planning on Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century as well as the Vision and Action on Acceleration of the Joint Construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road of the 21st Century had been promulgated successively. Currently, more than 100 countries and international organizations have been involved. The Party Central Committee also concluded agreement with more than 30 countries along the line concerning the “one belt one road” cooperation. Meanwhile, it cooperated with over 20 countries in terms of international productivity. Consequently, a great many influential landmark projects had been initiated step by step. The Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) whose investment and development was led by HOdo Group is one of them and the project was perceived as an exemplary Park for the “one belt one road” by leaders of both countries for more than once.    


During the colloquia, general secretary Xi Jinping proposed eight requirements on acceleration of the “one belt one road” construction. The following has been mentioned in these requirements.

We need to earnestly accelerate the connection of public mind and the mutual communication of civilization, carry forward the spirit of Silk Road and stress cultural cooperation. All these are aimed at enabling the “one belt one road” project to benefit the Chinese people and all the more benefit people of all the countries along the line. Zhou maintained that the “one belt one road” was a road of win-win outcome and close-linked hearts. Only when we have centered on development efforts to concretely seek benefit for the common people and to turn the “one belt one road” into a project winning popular support can the project be truly advocated by the countries along the line and the common people therein and benefit the common people in a real sense. 


Close-linked hearts of the common people are the social foundation for constructing the “one belt one road”. When establishing SSEZ, HOdo has been serving as the envoy for the Sino-Cambodia friendship and sticking to the concept of win-win outcome from eight sides. These include the cooperation and development between Chinese enterprises and Cambodia and the efforts in complementing each other's advantages and in achieving win-win outcome with shareholders for cooperation; strengthening construction of infrastructure of the Park, supplying excellent environment of hardware and software, connecting enterprises from multiple angles and achieving win-win outcome with enterprises in the Park; bringing along the surrounding economic development, offering employment opportunities and bringing changes to the common people from such aspects as infrastructure, living standard, and public security in an effort to achieve win-win outcome with employees and the local people; carrying out activities for the public good and developing charitable cause, and allowing the public to benefit from our fruit of development; it is necessary to adjust measures to local conditions to lead to integrated development and win-win outcome with the locality; firmly grasping the chance of the “one belt one road” strategy and deepening the communication and cooperation between China and Cambodian in terms of infrastructure, economy and trade and achieving mutually-beneficial cooperation with the government; we shall not work at the cost of the natural environment. We shall actively protect the local ecological environment and establish a green, environmental-friendly Park to bring about harmonious win-win outcome with nature. We shall turn the “one belt one road” project into a project winning popular support. HOdo believes that we need to protect the interests of eight sides in a down-to-earth style and to conform to the popular mind, protect the environment and boost development.



The SSEZ project has won the approval of the government of China and Cambodia, related departments, enterprises and the local people all along and has been developing smoothly. Despite the continuous downturn of the present world economy, SSEZ allows China’s advantageous productivity and construction ability to go global and leads to support of the Kingdom of Cambodia in boosting industrialization and modernization and in raising the level of infrastructure, which are of significant meaning for the stability and development of China and the cooperation countries. In August 2015, the Cambodian government promulgated the 2015 - 2025 Industrial Development Strategy which puts forward to develop Sihanoukville where the SSEZ is located into a comprehensive pilot special economic zone. On April 23, 2015, Xi Jinping and prime minister Hun Sen were present at 60th anniversary for the Bandung conference in Djakarta, during which, Xi Jinping remarked that cooperation on infrastructure-related connection shall be strengthened for the “one belt one road” project whilst exercising effective operation on the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone of Cambodia. In June, prime minister Hun Sen participated in the celebration of settlement of 100 enterprises in SSEZ and he also mentioned in many occasions that SSEZ is his “own son”. 


In the past eight years, 102 enterprises have settled in the Park, offering job opportunities to around 14,000 people. Zhou also remarked that it was because SSEZ was deeply rooted in the common people, it has won their great support and allowed us to have succeeded. The “one belt one road” strategy carries forward the dream of development of the countries along the belt, gives a push to China and the surrounding countries and enables the people along the belt to live a happy life. The successful practice of SSEZ also serves as reference for other “one belt one road” projects, that is, China’s “one belt one road” not only aims to allow China to win, but also to bring success to the host country. For the host country, both the government and the people must win. Persisting in the concept of “win-win outcome”, we shall benefit the common people of countries along the belt to boost common prosperity. In this way, all the “one belt one road” projects in China will succeed ultimately. 

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