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HOdo Group holds the 12th mobilization meeting on Technology Quality Month

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Innovation is the basis for corporate growth and is also the key word for the development of HOdo. On August 23, HOdo organized the 12th mobilization meeting on Technology Quality Month, during which comprehensive layout on the tasks for the Technology Quality Month has been conducted. Zhou Haijiang, president of HOdo Group made the following requirements in his speech.


Based on the actual condition of HOdo, closely center on the Group’s work deployment on “three automation and six based”. Elaborate effort shall be made in promoting the “three improvements” (improve operation quality, product and service quality and technological innovation ability”) during the Technology Quality Month, with the focus on management of outstanding performance. 


Zhou Haijiang emphasized that excellent performance management was an effective method in raising corporate competitiveness that has been widely accepted by successful business of the world; it has also become the orientation of business management for Chinese enterprises in the new situation. This model centers on strengthening the organization’s awareness of customer satisfaction and innovation activities. Since 2009, HOdo has introduced and promoted the outstanding performance management in an all-round way. With the strenuous effort of all our staff members, gratifying achievements have been made. Our company has made great improvement in corporate culture, strategic management, field management, process management and control and customer relation management. In 2016, HOdo vigorously carried out the test for corporate evaluator to cultivate a team of highly qualified corporate evaluators. Through accelerating and practicing outstanding performance management model in a comprehensive way, HOdo aims to cultivate a team of corporate evaluators who are both familiar with the outstanding performance standard and can carry out self-evaluation and diagnosis. The evaluators will give a push to the enterprise for self-evaluation, diagnosis and improvement activities, improve the framework for operation and management, stick to driven by innovation, and pursue outstanding performance to raise the company’s competitiveness and the ability in sustained growth. Our quality month has been going on for 12 consecutive years. So far our quality month has been upgraded as Technology Quality Month, which embodies HOdo’sstress on development of quality and innovation. In every process of our routine production and operation and our everyday experience accumulation, HOdo has regarded prospering enterprise through quality as its lifeline of survival, and technological innovation as the core strategy of sustained development. Every day is included the Quality Month and everyone is a quality safeguard. 


Exercise strict control on product quality and keep raising the quality of each product. For example, these efforts can be shown in the light western-style clothes of the men's wear of HOdo. HOdo Home Wear has successively developed HOdovelvet, HOdo cotton and Chinese yew brassiere, etc. With its strong sense of responsibility, HOdo has worked to raise its service quality, formulate rules and regulations in detail, strengthen management and exercise standard management on services and implement it in place and enable it to be embedded in the minds of everyone. Furthermore, we also straighten and optimize all the service criteria and standards from the customers’ perspective and keep raising service satisfaction.  


No effort has been spared in raising technological innovation ability. In recent years, the Group has attached great importance in innovative development. HOdo has increased investment in technological research and development and endeavored to upgrade its technical center. On the basis of high technology, HOdo Group is targeted at boosting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry to make the enterprise more powerful and with larger scale and to have sound quality inspection and test system, cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated production equipment. In 2005, Jiangsu Yangtze River Delta Textile Garment Test Co., Ltd. established by HOdo passed the ability examination by China National Laboratory, thus laying a solid foundation for the enterprise to implement the quality improvement strategy.


At the mobilization meeting, Ye Wei, chief engineer of HOdo read the Notice on Carrying Out the 12th Technology Quality Month in a Deep-going Way. Wu Ming, head of the Business Administration Department announced the work arrangement for the Technology Quality Month this time, mobilized companies and enterprises to work out work plan by focusing on the three work themes, to highlight the key points, implement responsibilities and to finish the tasks for the 12th Technology Quality Month in a deep-going way. 


An enterprise without quality will by no means have a good future. All the HOdo staff have regarded prospering enterprise through quality as the lifeline of survival, and technological innovation as the core strategy of sustained development. Besides, they have been exercising development of quality and innovation every day with a strong sense of crisis. As we are driven by innovation and keep pursuing excellence, the Technology Quality Month will never end. HOdo will develop quality and innovation all the time. Reinforcing the foundation of development and fostering the soul of corporate development contribute to HOdo’s continuous transformation and upgrading and help turn HOdo into a more powerful enterprise with larger scale.  

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